Basic Tips to Keep Your Laptop Safe and Protected

Laptops and tablets have revolutionized the way we work. While we were previously limited to the confines of a desktop computer, we can now work wherever we want, whether that’s on the move or from the comfort of our homes. However, along with the benefit of portability comes a range of risks that can all threaten the safety, security and performance of your computer. This simple guide will help you keep your laptop in tip-top condition.

Adequate space

laptop safetyWhile we all like to take advantage of a laptop’s portability, some people take this to the extreme. Balancing your laptop on the edge of the sofa or bed is an accident waiting to happen and, once it does, you can find yourself forking out for a whole new machine. Make sure you have a solid workspace that you can use your laptop on. Not only will this be a more secure surface for your laptop, you will see your productivity increase too.

Many people try to save space when it comes to setting up a workspace, selecting the most compact desk possible. However, by doing so, you will limit the area you have to work with, which could result in you juggling your laptop with notepads. One slip of the hand and your laptop could become damaged especially the screen which could have various unpredictable problems, so prevent this by buying a large desk that has plenty of room.

While they specialize in industrial work benches, you should definitely check out the range of work spaces available at A&B Industrial Services. They have a collection of large desks with built-in storage, providing you with a different kind of space-saving technique that won’t put your laptop at risk.

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Laptop bag

If you’re planning on using your laptop on the move, it is vital that you protect it accordingly. A standard, flimsy backpack will do little to protect your PC from bumps and scrapes. It is always worth investing in a specially designed laptop bag. These padded bags will protect your device should it be dropped or scratched, and often have handy pockets that you can use to store chargers and other accessories. Be warned though, the classic black briefcase-style bag is instantly recognizable to thieves, potentially making your laptop vulnerable to theft. Go for an untypical laptop bag to disguise your device further. Take a look here for further inspiration.


After shelling out for the machine itself, you might be looking to save money elsewhere. You may be tempted to download a free antivirus software in order to cut costs. The reliability of this software is often questionable, so your laptop may not be as secure as you may think it is. It is always best to invest in an antivirus package from a well-known brand like Norton or McAfee. This way, you will be sure of the software’s reliability and will be able to rest assured in the knowledge that your computer is protected.

It can be tempting to continually click ‘remind me later’ when it comes to running system checks for viruses. While it may be more convenient to do so, it can leave your PC open to attacks, so always run the scans when your system recommends them. If you know you won’t do this, set up your software to automatically run such searches, so there really is no excuse!

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[Image credit: Alex Bajuniemi, Flickr]


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