Tips for Updating Your Website on the Go

Unless you have a death wish for your business, you’ve probably sunk untold hours of your life into the design and upkeep of its website. After all, your business’s homepage is the single most cost-effective ad buy you’re ever likely to make. You might enjoy sitting in front of the computer and tweaking your company’s web portal all day, but running a successful enterprise also happens to involve little things like meeting clients face-to-face and talking to the vendors and distributors that keep you solvent. Fortunately, updating your website from virtually anywhere is easier than ever thanks to improved mobile web-development technology.

Blog It

For no-frills, blog-style websites, there’s no better web-development tool than WordPress. Although the service is a late entrant into the mobile page-building space, it now offers a mobile app designed specifically for iOS-compatible devices. In addition to offering a streamlined composing-and-editing interface that’s virtually identical to the PC version, WordPress for iOS allows you to moderate and reply to comments on your blog either individually or in bulk. WordPress’s familiar HTML-free editing process remains intact in its mobile iteration, making it easy to tap detailed blog posts into your phone or tablet even if your attention is divided.

Do It All On-the-Go

women with smartphone

If your site is a bit more complex, opt for a full-service mobile web-development platform like or Joomla Admin Mobile!, also known as JAM!. As both a mobile-storage app and a web-development platform, FTP On the Go packs a powerful one-two punch on the iOS-compatible devices that can support it. Whether your site suffers from a broken link that must be repaired or an entire block of text that needs to be rewritten, you can access its underlying code from anywhere with FTP’s web-editing feature. The program’s ample storage space also makes it easy to upload multimedia files directly from your phone to your site. You can also mess around with audio files on your website with the help of Audacity download.

Functionally similar to FTP, JAM! works on Android-enabled devices as well as the iPhone and iPad. It’s a bit more user-friendly than its iOS-only counterpart, which makes it suitable for non-professionals as well as IT whizzes. In fact, you don’t have to use code at all: using a series of drop-down menus, you can direct the app to insert text and multimedia files from your phone into existing pages on your site. One obvious downside: your website must be written using Joomla to work with JAM!

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Be Social

If you don’t have time to make detailed changes to your business’s proprietary website on the go, you can still drive traffic to your site indirectly with a quick update to your company’s social media presence. Whether it’s a simple tweet advertising a limited-time special and with a link back to your site or a new post on your Facebook fan page, your followers can’t ignore an update that crosses their feed. To maximize its effectiveness, pair your social-media blast with a more in-depth update to your website once you’re back at your PC.

Remember, your business doesn’t stop moving just because you’re out of the office. Now that 4G connectivity is widely available and the power of mobile devices continues to increase at an alarming rate, you’re all but out of excuses for not updating your company’s website no matter where you happen to be.

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