Using IP Addresses for Stronger Customer Relationships

With online selling becoming popular these days, human interactions between businesses and customers have been cut down to the minimum. In the absence of first-hand interactions, building relationships and loyalty is not as easy as it was before. Certainly, companies need to look for other alternatives for getting closer to the buyers and winning their trust in the long run.

Everything hinges around amazing experiences because that’s the only way you can impress the audience and have them hooked to your brand. When it comes to creating such experiences, the use of IP address data can make all the difference. Here are some ways it can be used for building stronger customer relationships and consolidating the loyalty for your brand.

customer relationship

Personalize the product experience

A great first impression on your customers is all about personalizing their initial product experience. You would want to make it as relevant as you can, even if you have no idea about their demographics and preferences. However, a key piece of data you can find out is their location on the basis of their IP address. You can go one step ahead by using the IP data for personalizing the website on the basis of the location of the user.

The prospective customers in New York, Melbourne, and Berlin will see different versions of the site that are more likely to make an impact on them and get them connected to your brands in the first interaction itself. For example, the audience in Melbourne would see your summer range in January while the US version of the site will showcase winter stuff at this time of the year.

Keep the communication lines open

Another good way to fortify customer relationships is by staying in close touch with constant communication. Email marketing has come forth as the most effective communication and marketing channel in the online era. Brands are using email automation tools that automatically trigger communication when a user performs a specific action on the site such as exploring a product or reading a blog post.

Like website personalization, you can use an IP address for email personalization as well. IP data gives you the accurate geolocation of the user and you can send them targeted emails that are as good as greeting them by name. This shows them how special they are to your brand. 

Provide proactive customer support

IP addresses can also help your company to go the extra mile with customer support, which can make a big difference to long term relationships. With the business landscape becoming more competitive, customer support can make or break your brand’s reputation. The product offerings of brands are relatively similar, so this service can give you a competitive advantage.

With a proactive approach, you actually reach out to the audience even before they contact you.  This is possible only if you are able to anticipate their needs. Using IP address data can help you pinpoint the users landing and leaving the site multiple times without converting. Moreover, it tells you about the visitors checking the support pages repeatedly or spending a lot of time on them. You can simply contact them and offer help even before they raise a red flag.

Clearly, IP data tells you more than you can imagine. You can use the valuable information to enhance the customer experience and strengthen their relationships with your brand, today and tomorrow.

Author bio: Kaydence Perez is a copywriter and a content writer who specializes in ghostwriting, and email marketing campaigns. Currently, she is working for Outreach Monks as an expert marketer and a pro writer.   

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