5 Ways to Bring Your Business’s Branding to the Next Level

In the business world, standing out beats blending in any day. When so many businesses are competing with one another in over-saturated markets, it’s more important than ever to make sure yours has the presence to pull in new clients and customers.

business branding

1. Invest in High-Quality Graphics

Today, so much of your business depends upon your online presence. It’s crucial, therefore, to maintain an eye-catching and visually appealing website with consistent branding throughout. Brick and mortar stores have the luxury of offering human contact and three dimensions to draw a client or customer in, but on the internet, you have to make the most of 2D screen. Find a talented graphic designer to create colorful graphics for your site.

2. Up Your Outreach

Another way to elevate your brand is through outreach. To cement your branding in consumers’ minds, it’s important to show up—in their inboxes and in their mailboxes. Send out weekly newsletters to your customers, network with likeminded members of your industry using LinkedIn, and utilize printing services to produce high-quality branded material. Since many people are staying inside currently, consider getting your brand in front of them by mailing out fridge magnets or flyers customized with your logo and website.

3. Diversity

Not only is it ethical and fair to increase the level of diversity and inclusivity throughout your branded material and social media platforms, it’s also good business. Today’s consumers care that the businesses they patronize are in tune with their values. Use inclusive language in your content; make sure your photos and advertising include people of color, differently-abled people, and other underrepresented groups. Large companies have started to move in this direction; Apple recently pledged millions to a project designed to combat systemic racism. It’s 2021, no one wants to support a business that doesn’t support social justice. Make sure that’s reflected in your branding.

4. Social Media

You most likely already know how important social media is to establishing your brand and your online presence. Take your interactions to the next level by creating interactive possibilities for your customers. User-generated content (UGC) is the perfect opportunity to establish your brand voice and reach more people at the same time: create a custom hashtag and ask your followers to post their own videos and photos using it. Challenges and contests make for great engagement opportunity.

5. Sustainable Packaging

Revamping your packaging gives you the chance to further customize and cement your branding in consumers’ minds, but also offers the possibility to take a step toward sustainability. Similarly to the desire to see inclusivity and diversity in the businesses they buy from, many consumers are also concerned with supporting companies that make an effort toward sustainability. In addition to using recycled materials and ecofriendly packaging, pay attention to ethical sourcing and your carbon footprint. Most importantly, make sure your customers are aware of the position you hold, and the steps you take. Showcase that your business is a brand that cares about the earth.

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Wrap Up

Put these tips into action, and above all, be consistent. A strong brand knows itself well, and remains true across all platforms. Now go take your brand to the next level!

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