How Brands Make Their 6 Seconds Count on Vine

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Is it possible to do some marketing in 6 seconds and get results? Heck yeah! You just need to know what to do and how to utilize platforms like Vine to get the results you need — we live in an age of micro moments.

People are spending more and more time watching shorter and shorter videos. The point is any forward thinking business must adapt and take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect with and engage with their audience on Vine and other platforms that offer very short 6-10 second videos.

For the purpose of this article, our focus will be on Vine and how your business can use it to your benefit.

Videos of Products in Action

More consumers are looking for as much information on specific products as possible. For many, a decent review might suffice. However, nothing impresses prospective clients and customers better than seeing your product in action. This is what tips them over the edge and compels them to buy the product you’re selling.

Another idea is to encourage other product users to get on Vine and give examples of what they did using your product or the results they got from the use of your products. This can drive engagement with your audience while generating additional content with which to market your brand.

Show Your Back Office Processes

How are your products created? What’s your working environment like? What are your processes? What birthed the idea of the product? I’m sure you can see where we’re going with this — film your back office processes and show them how you do what you do.

Show them how much fun your workers have creating the product. Better still, get your workers to say something nice to your audience. Not only is this great for your brand, it makes your brand seem relatable — a quality that’s sorely lacking these days — and fun to associate with.

Short Clips of Testimonials

Upload a highly condensed form of client testimonials, perhaps even as condensed as a single word from each client, and upload it to Vine. Testimonials are powerful and effective. When given by genuinely happy customers, they can do wonders for your business.

Better still, if your customers can document their expression when they first used or saw your product, that’ll be even better. Compile a still of all these customers doing their thing within 6 seconds and upload to Vine, and you have a winner. Some businesses are already doing this with great success. Don’t be left behind.

Brief Promos and Ads

Who has time for 30 second or 1-minute ads anymore? You can borrow a leaf from Toyota’s “offroad” ad and create something similar. As you can see, it’s a creative way to publicize the brand without necessarily asking anyone to buy anything directly. It encapsulated what the Toyota can do off-road. In our books, that was pretty smart advertising.

Capture Interesting Moments

Ever seen the movie titled “The Chef”? *Spoiler alert* It was about a talented chef who was stuck working in restaurants when all he really wanted was launch out on his own. Luckily, he was fired because he had some creative differences with the restaurant owner and ended up owning a food truck and traveling with his son and close friend.

Long story short, the highlight of the movie was the son’s ability to condense special moments in the food truck with his dad and upload to Vine which generated considerable business for them everywhere they went.

The point is you can record funny or interesting moments in the workplace, condense them into a 6-second video and upload them to the Vine.

By the way, you should totally see the movie; that’s if we haven’t spoiled it for you.

Promote Your Vine Account Using Influencers

Social influencers can do wonders for your Vine account. If you don’t have any followers right now, it’s the fastest way to build an audience. All you have to do is hire an influencer, like teen retailer Forever 21 did recently, to handle your account for a few days and watch as they work their magic. Then, you can take over when you’re satisfied with the traction you’ve gained. Companies, such as NeoReach can assist you with finding the right influencer for your company with their simplified social media marketing platform.

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