Why You Should Use Windows Hosting

windows hosting

Companies with websites and eCommerce models make use of hosting services in order to allow their website to be seen on the internet. Websites and other web applications are stored on special computers called servers. A virtual private network hosting (VPS) works in a similar way to a web host, with the only difference being that they allow companies a more affordable model to upgrade their basic hosting to.

Servers who use Windows as their operating system, are known as Windows VPS hosts. This includes all the Windows-specific technological services such as ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL-Server (MSSQL). Using Windows hosting offers numerous advantages and benefits both for individuals and companies.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

With VPS hosting a virtual server is created with a physical server. Companies that act as hosts can create multiple digital servers within one physical server, which allows them to create more affordable deals for their customers.

The advantages of a VPS hosting are that it allows for privacy, as no other website can access the operating server and view the files of another user, better measurability, and increased and dedicated sources. The VPS server allows a certain amount of RAM available at all times to be used.

VPS hosting also allows for better customization and control as the VPS is a virtual server, the data is located centrally, and the server segmentation is isolated, which allows for one to configure the environment in the way they want. It is also relatively easy to adapt and upgrade the environment as needed.

With shared hosting, the bandwidth increases and becomes more flexible which allows for more media and streaming to be deployed on your website without the website becoming slow or crashing.

Advantages of Windows Hosting

Microsoft was found in 1975, more than 40 years ago, with its flagship program Windows, being launched a mere ten years later. With time comes experience and understanding of how to adapt a program that is easy to use and that is practically faultless.

The company has invested abundant time and money into developing and improving their server solutions and to ensure their customers are able to better navigate their software through the use of tutorials, guides, and advanced customer service.

For companies that want to make use of Visual Basic, .NET programming, or Visual Interdev, then a Windows based server is a worthwhile option. Windows hosting also provide additional beneficial features such as faster updates, more information for your queries, and further complimentary customer service.

Windows VPS Options

There are several Windows VPS options on the market, however, one of the best Windows VPS servers are Windows Hyper-V hosting.

It dedicates an entire page on their website to explain how to use it and how to adapt it to best suit you. Other Windows VPS hosting options are Liquid Web or GoDaddy.

The Enduring Relationship of Windows Operating Systems and Businesses

Windows is an established and reliable company and many firms operate their businesses on Windows’ servers. Microsoft and Windows VPS systems are naturally compatible and won’t cause problems with data transfers.
The interface is also set up similar to that of Microsoft Windows, which makes it more familiar to the customers.

With its long-standing reputation of being a reliable and trustworthy company, Windows VPS hosting might be the best option for your business.

While it offers the standard benefits of VPS hosting, such as privacy and improved space and bandwidth, it offers additional benefits offamiliarity and support when it comes to navigating the server, that only Windows hosting can offer.

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