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Small Business Tips: How to Appear More Professional

If you are currently running a small business, you’ll no doubt be looking at many ways that will help you survive, thrive and ultimately grow. It goes without saying that developing a successful company is a difficult

Tips for Running an Online Business in 2017

Approximately 543,000 new businesses begin each month, and 52 percent of them are home-based businesses. Many of these businesses won’t survive to 2019. Thirty percent will go out of business in fewer than two years, and half

Are You Being Hosted By The Proper WordPress?

Get the power you need behind your WordPress blog. is one of the most widely known and used blog hosting platforms on the web today. is closely related as a top provider of content management

3 Simple and Powerful Strategies for Writing an Excellent Landing Page Copy

By now, chances are that you already know how important a well-made landing page really is. Are you writing a great landing page copy but despite all your hard work, the copy doesn’t convert? Writing content for

Tips to Make Your Website The Best It Can Be

When you have just started your own business, it is very important that you begin to build an online presence as soon as possible, and this starts with your website. A good website will help get your is now Page Rank 2

Google updated PR on February 06, 2012 and which was previously PR1 is now PR2. Nothing to be proud of here as PR2 is very common. This domain is very new and there are much work

How To Add Floating Social Media Share Buttons On Blogger

If you look at your left side on this blog, you will notice a vertical bar with some familiar buttons that is following you when you are scrolling your mouse up and down. These are social media