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How to Start a Profitable Blog

In order to earn money from blogging, one needs to review and understand the current internet landscape. While content might be a fundamental component, it can also become overwhelming. As you go on about creating fresh content, gets PageRank 3

Google updated PageRank today and got a promotion 🙂 Our site got PR3 from the previous PR2. Our PR has been slowly improved bit by bit : PR1 in the first quarter, PR2 in the second

Why You Should Have A Comment Policy On Your Blog

Comments are generally welcome in blogs. I personally like to read comments that are left on my blog and believe me, moderating comments has taken most of my blogging time. When people post comments, they keep a

How I Increase My 400 Twitter Followers By 3 Times

Twitter is one of the top social media around and today, almost every blogger and business owner have a Twitter account. Before this, I had like 400 over Twitter followers and with my simple trick; I managed