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Ransomware Is The New Form of Malware Targeting Hospitals

A new form of malware, known as ransomware, has affected several hospitals in the United States over the past month. States with affected hospitals include Kentucky, California, Maryland, as well as the District of Columbia. In these

Tips to Prevent Your iDevices from Being Hacked

Apple devices are not exactly Fort Knox, as much as we’d like to believe them to be. The security crack known as “go to fail” can give the hackers absolute authority into your device to wreak havoc.

New Tech Could Make Windows 8 System Vulnerable to Attacks

PCs installed with the Windows 8 operating system could be under an increased threat of becoming prone to cyber attacks, due to issues with a new piece of technology. This was the hard-hitting message delivered by the

How to Choose a Server for Your Business

Serving the right server for your needs can be a difficult thing; this article will give you a better idea of what will be a good fit from online servers to in house hardware. There are 3

How to Detect Malicious Websites

There are millions and probably billions of website on the internet. Moreover, a number of these websites are infected with malicious codes or software. Malicious websites are websites used by online criminals, spammers and unethical hackers to