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Bonds for the Bots: Why Are Investors Interested in AI More than Ever Before?

For anybody who hasn’t been living under a rock these past few years, the words Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will probably ring a few bells. AI refers to the general ability of machines to

What Do Computer Scientists Do?

Do you possess a passion for technology and science? Or maybe understanding the ins and outs of how computers function comes easy to you?  Individuals often intrigued by science, engineering, math and technology find a career in

10 Amazing Robot Animals

The day is going to come when having a robotic pet that mimics a real pet is not going to be so farfetched. There are a selection of great robotic pets already available on the market and

Using the Brain to Control a Robotic Arm

Cathy Hutchinson, 59, suffered a stroke more than 15 years ago. The stroke paralyzed her arms and legs, leaving her unable to care for herself. Although her brain functioned normally, she could no longer speak. Hutchinson made

Festo introduces The ExoHand

Tools have many useful purposes and help to make life easier. For example, a pair of pliers increases the strength of a hand in order to turn something. Other tools, such as a wheelchair, help disabled people

5 Basic Robotics Concepts to Share With Your Child

Robots are interesting inventions. They can do many unique things, and they can help us out by doing many tasks that may be too hard or too time consuming for a human to accomplish. Most children enjoy