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Interpreting Follower Demographics

Social influencer marketing has gone from being just an industry buzzword to a burgeoning and very successful marketing strategy that businesses – small, medium and big- can use to drive tons of traffic, generate new leads, convert

How to Choose a Domain Name

Starting your own website can be a creative outlet, a way to socialize, or even a money maker for your business. When you decide you want to start your own website you will need to find a

5 Reasons You May Want A Windows VPS

If you’re considering a VPS, there are a few different approaches you can take. While many people choose to use Linux, the truth is that there are also many reasons to stick to a Windows-based system. If

How To Add Floating Social Media Share Buttons On Blogger

If you look at your left side on this blog, you will notice a vertical bar with some familiar buttons that is following you when you are scrolling your mouse up and down. These are social media