4 Common Misconceptions About Mobile Gaming

Are you thinking about getting involved in mobile gaming or at least exploring it a little more? There could be a few ideas that are putting you off or that have made you think twice about mobile gaming and we’re here to dispel these notions completely. 

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You Have To Use Your Phone To Control The Game 

Actually, you don’t. Instead, you can think about investing in one of the many controllers that will turn your phone into a gaming device. These are typically ios and android compatible, ranging from cheap and cheerful to providing a high quality, slightly more expensive option. If you are looking for the best mobile game controller, we suggest that you do check the reviews and explore the features that are available on a device that you are interested in. Ultimately, using a connected controller makes gaming far more accessible on your phone.

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It’s Ridiculously Expensive

In the past, mobile games were largely just titles that were designed with built-in micro-purchases. Worst still, these purchases were often necessary to progress through the game. There are still quite a few examples of this around. For instance, the Kingdom Hearts game is infamous for requiring you to pay a fortune to progress to different worlds and access new parts of the safari. Now, you might assume that this is always going to be an issue but that’s not the case. Usually, if you pay a price for a mobile game upfront, it won’t be reliant on micro-transactions to turn a profit. So, it’s just about choosing the right games. 

There Are No Good Titles

This might have been true in the past but these days that are countless great mobile games just waiting to be discovered. For instance, you can get ports of classic games on your phone like Grand Theft Auto. There are also games built on existing IPs like Mario, Pokemon, and Call Of Duty. Or, if you’re looking for original mobile games that provide the exciting adventure you need then these definitely exist too. Regardless of the type of game you are looking for we guarantee that it does exist on your mobile and is going to be fantastic fun to play. 

It’s Irritating To Play On Your Phone Screen

While this can be the case, the majority of mobile games are specifically designed to work well on your phone screen and be user-friendly. Ultimately, you won’t need a massive display to have fun with these titles. You might also want to consider investing in a phone that is going to be perfect for gaming. Believe it or not, some of the best phones on the market right now are often developed with gaming in mind. It’s that popular. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the common misconceptions that people often do have about mobile gaming. Hopefully, this has helped encourage you to try mobile gaming for yourself and unlock some of the incredible possibilities that are waiting just at your fingertips. In the past, mobile gaming was a gimmick but today it has evolved into something far more interesting.