6 Common Computer Nightmares and Possible Ways to Fix Them

Suddenly, you get up in the middle of night screaming and finding yourself cold sweat, but relaxed after seeing that you are in bed and it was just a dream. However, next morning you get up, dress up yourself, and go to your office. After starting your PC in your office, you again scream and cold sweat, due to another nightmare; your computer is slowing down, unbootable, or performing unnecessary tasks due to some nasty malware. All these circumstances cause inaccessibility or loss of your days or months of work. You cannot overcome this nightmare just by waking up!!! You have to fix these problems and get back your crucial data.

Mentioned below are six most common nightmares of computer data and ways to fix them:

having computer problem

1. Your PC Doesn’t Boot

Many of you encounter situations in which your PC becomes completely unbootable. At such situation, you should try booting your system with Windows recovery disk. However, if you do not have CD/DVD of your Windows recovery disk, then you can borrow it from someone. In case, if your PC is not even booting from the CD, then go to its setup screen and change the boot order. By doing this, the CD/DVD drive or optical drive appears before the hard drive. After this, you will get an onscreen message telling that you have to press a particular key ‘for setup’.

If your system boots, then follow the prompts. Most likely, the utility will tell you what the problem is and ask whether you want to fix it or not. You do. However, if it doesn’t ask you, or if the disk is unable to fix the problem, then you’ll find a menu with various options. You can either use Startup Repair or System Restore.  Now let’s take another case, in which your PC fails to boot before entering to set up or booting from CD, then there is some hardware problem. At such situation, you have to go to the data recovery service professional.

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2. Regular Appearance of Blue Screen of Death

blue screen of death
Blue Screen of Death

If you are interrupting by Blue Screen of Death regularly, then you have problem, which needs to be rectified. Almost all latest versions of Windows maintain a log of the ‘Stop Errors’ or ‘Blue Screen of Death’. Stop errors are generally related to hardware or drivers. This program shows the list of drives that were running at the time of crash and highlights the suspected ones. If same drivers are causing multiple crashes, then you have to update them.

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3. Hard Drive Inaccessible

Sometimes, the hard drive of your computer becomes inaccessible and thus Windows can’t boot. However, this situation can easily be overcome, if you have an updated backup. If your drive is making noise, which you haven’t heard before, then shut down your PC immediately. Send your drive to data recovery service provider as soon as possible as it is hardware related problem. If your drives are not making any kind of sound and you still encountering inaccessibility of data, then using efficient data recovery software is recommended.

4. Missing Administrator Password

If a person leaves your organization without revealing the password applied to his/her computer, then all the data saved on his/her PC becomes inaccessible. Fortunately, you can recover the password applied to your computer through password reset disk, another account on the same system with admin rights, or last but not the least, through third-party password recovery tool.

5. Loss of an Important File

You have been creating a PowerPoint presentation for 15 days. A day before the presentation, you find it missing from its location! Hold your breath, may be you have moved it to some other folder. Go to Start menu and type the name of the file and observe the results. If nothing appears, then there’s a possibility that the file has been renamed. At such situation, again go to Start and type a word that was in the presentation. Hopefully, this will bring better result. However, if you didn’t get any result, then search in the Recycle Bin as it can possibly be deleted by you accidentally. Don’t worry, as you can restore your data from backup.

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6. Virus Infected Your PC

Sometimes, your PC starts behaving like an annoying kid and refuses to follow instructions or unexpectedly slows down. All these situations render that your PC is infected by virus. To remove viruses, you have to use updated antivirus software that has definitions for all the latest viruses. Having an effective antivirus program can keep you to get out of all such situations.

These are the 6 common and possible nightmares that could happen to your computer and the ways to fix them. So what are your computer nightmares? Is it hardware related such as a broken laptop screen maybe? Or is it bad software? Or hackers hacked into your system? Let us know in the comments.

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