How to Recover Windows Data Using Data Recovery Software

In the past few years, the digital world has witnessed a number of different operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix etc. Among these operating systems, Microsoft Windows is the one that is used by most of the computer users in the world. Along with advanced features, Windows is popular for its user friendly interfaces. However, in spite of its advanced features, there are many occasions, in which precious data gets lost or become inaccessible due to various data loss situations. For such occasions of data loss or inaccessibility, now there are many innovative Windows data recovery software available in the software market.

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Reasons Behind Data Loss From Windows:

While using your Windows PC, accidental deletion is probably the most common reason behind data loss. Unfortunately, even with the advanced data safety measures in place, a user can never prevent an instance of data loss due to accidental deletion or formatting of media. Some of the major data loss reasons from your Windows operating system can be found below:

  • File system corruption
  • Registry corruption
  • Virus/Malware attack
  • Failed hard drive : Either Physical or Logical
  • Human Errors
  • Power Surges
  • Natural Disasters

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Where My files had Gone after Deletion?

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When files are deleted or drives get formatted, the Windows operating system removes all entries of deleted or formatted files from the hard drive. This is the reason, for which those files can no longer be accessed at their original location.

However, files that you have deleted or formatted are not permanently erased from the hard drive. The content of those lost files remain in the hard drive’s memory until they are being overwritten by some other files. Hence, if the removed entries of those deleted/formatted files can be retrieved, then it is not much difficult to recover the files.

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Can My Files Be Recovered?

The Windows data recovery software available in the market tries to locate the lost entries of files in the hard drive and recover them. The only thing that a user has to take care is not to work on the troubled hard drive until recovery of the lost data.

Stellar Phoenix is one of the meaningful data recovery and solution providers which came up with a revolutionary data recovery software for Windows & MAC platform. Various other software are also available in the market but this article is written by the No. 1 software reviewer : Top Ten Reviews. For More information you can check here: 2012 Best Data Recovery Software Comparisons and Reviews.

Stellar Phoenix is able to recover all your files, which have been lost due to accidental deletion, formatting of drive/media, file system corruption, virus/malware infection, operating system corruption etc. Stellar Windows Data Recovery is the first software in the world to recover recently deleted files with their original names, instead of any pseudo names. Along with optical media recovery, the software is able to detect on-the-fly USB media and recover data from them. Moreover, developed with highly interactive graphical users interfaces and detailed instructions for each step of data recovery, the software is very simple to use.

Free Data Recovery Software:

One of the most famous and advanced data recovery software is Recuva from Piriform. Recuva searches and recover data on a folder basis. Due to off freeware nature, it has certain limitations like:

  1. Will search for deleted data folder wise rather than deep scanning or on pointer basis.
  2. Doesn’t give significant results for heavily damaged or partially overwritten data.
  3. Prevents users to search & recover large amount of deleted data. Note: To recover more than 5 GB of data, you need to go for paid version.
  4. If recovery is unsuccessful, there is a high probability that your data will be overwritten.

All in all, professional software has very powerful and advanced features over freeware and can provide users with great reliability to recover maximum amount of their deleted or formatted data. Though, you can post your own opinions or personal experience about any recovery software using the comment form below.

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