How Safe are Cell Phones?

Many people have given up their wired landlines and are going wireless with the latest cell phones. However, there are alarming researches about the risks associated with cell phone use. In recent years, the use of cell phones or wireless phones was linked with radiation, spreading fear among the public. There are also allegations that long term cell phone use can increase the risk of getting a rare kind of brain tumor. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or USFDA, have discredited the news, further saying that there are no confirmed reports of any medically-related cell phone health risks.

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Some studies say that cell phones won’t cause cancer. Do you agree?

Cell Phone Indirectly Affects Health

Although you can be rest assured that you won’t develop brain cancer or tumors in the years to come, cell phones can still adversely affect your health. According to microbiologists, cell phones use by health professionals including doctors and nurses in the hospitals contain some kind of bacteria, known as superbugs, which are resistant to common antibiotics. Superbugs can spread easily, enter the human body and cause diseases. In this way, cell phones have started to act like an important source of infection in the hospital and also help in spreading it among the patients.

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Using Cell Phone While Driving

Many drivers use their cell phones while they drive. This is a high risk activity, as using a cell phone prevents you from concentrating in your driving. It reduces the brain activity by 37 percent. Using hands-free phones are not safe either, even though these are advertised by some telecommunication companies as safer than using hand-held phones.

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Dangers When Crossing The Street

There are numerous reports about pedestrians getting hit by a vehicle or getting involved in a street accident while talking or texting on their cell phones. Cell phones take their attention away from traffic lights and road signs.

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Listening To Loud Music

Alright, so there are many gadgets out there that could be sharing the blame for exposing our ears to potentially loud noises. But with the advancing technology nowadays, a cell phone is no longer just a phone. Most of the cell phones today are also a camera and in particular, a device for people to store and listen to their favorite music. The only problem here is that they may be playing their favorite music far too loud for their own good, hence risk suffering from permanent damage to their hearing.

Cell phones have been a part of people’s lives, and taking it away may feel like taking away one of their arms or legs. However, one should know the right place and time to use these devices as well as use it properly. It may not cause a rare brain tumor, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t do you any harm. Be responsible and prevent indirect cell phone risks.

So, how safe are cell phones? Tell us in the comments.


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