Smartphone Users Fake Out Their Own Senses

In the new world of the mobile smartphone there are some strange things that are bound to happen. One is feeling something that is not really there. Do not worry, this does not happen to everyone. Read on to find out about the phantom feelings some smartphones give to their users.

smartphone users fake out their own senses

Do you feel your phone vibrates when it is not? Has this happened to you? Let us know.

Has This Happened To You?

Perhaps you are expecting an important call from the boss. Perhaps you are madly in love with your sweetheart and waiting for their call. Maybe you want to finish your argument with that rude person you were talking to earlier. You feel your smartphone vibrate, and you think, “Aha! Its them!”. You feverishly grab your handset out of your pocket and you quickly take a look at the Caller ID to make sure you were right. But there is nothing there. No one really called, it was just your imagination. You put your smartphone back in your pocket and wait some more.

The Phantom Of The Smartphone

So, what just happened? Some call it “phantom vibrations”. Imagining something that is not happening, just because a person is expecting or wanting it to happen with plenty of emotion. Those who have opted to get a smartphone for work are particularly susceptible to this type of symptom. The end result is that the tool that was supposed to be helping them through the day becomes the tool that destroys their day. Perhaps not everyone can handle owning or using a smartphone.

Stress Is Linked To Smartphones

A small study has lent some credibility to the fact that some are so obsessive about their smartphone that they think it is buzzing in their pocket when it is not. One hundred volunteers were tasked to be guinea pigs from various walks of life. The results of the study found that the level of stress was linked to the use of smartphones. Those with the highest levels of stress were the most likely to feel the phantom vibrations.

Some Do Not Know How To Handle A Smartphone

Apparently staying up to date with emails, text messages and the like is a more stressful pressure than a benefit for some. Those who were caught in the vicious cycle of wondering if they had received a text message they had not read were the most pitiful. Constantly being under the influence of the mobile device in their pocket produced neurotic conditions for some. This group was the one who needed this influence the least.

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Are you one of the smartphone users that has been experiencing the feeling of phantom vibrations? Tell us in the comments.


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