A Fresh Take on DLL Errors – Questions to Ask Before Paying for Help

windows dll errorFor a long time people have been confined to a few options for how to get a PC fixed. If you have a problem like dll (Dynamic-Link Library) errors, screen freezes and computer crashes, you might have a friend that’s a computer geek, you might be a techie yourself or you have to take it to someone to fix it after getting frustrated trying to use the tools for Windows itself.

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1. What are dll errors?

To save space, Windows keeps several different files on hand to use when programs might need them. The idea works because say if a program uses “open” to open files, you don’t need every program using space on how to open files: just let your computer remember how to open files once, in a dll file. Now if that dll file saves you 100 mb of memory each time a program needs it you’re saving gigs of space in no time. Again, all of this is a great idea.

2. Why do these dll files cause dll errors for my PC?

In computer terms, dll files cause dll errors when they are not updated so a program can’t communicate with your operating system or when a dll file has been updated but the program in question hasn’t so now it can’t use the newer version to do the same old thing.

So imagine if your programs were mechanics and dll files were particular wrenches or tools. If the shop (i.e. your PC) updates one program and it starts looking at new types of cars, each mechanic would need new tools (dll files) to be able to work in the shop (PC). Now if one mechanic doesn’t know the tools have been changed, they might get upset. Or if another mechanic needs the new tools but can’t access them, he’ll get upset.

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3. So you have found some dll errors, can you fix this by yourself? Short Answer: Yes

To fix a dll error by yourself, look up the dll file in question and update it from Microsoft. If this doesn’t make your program run, try updating Windows. If this doesn’t work try updating the file itself.

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4. How can you easily fix dll errors without calling in friends or experts if you have trouble doing it by yourself?

It is easy to think that you have to run down to your computer repair shop and have them fix it. But honestly, the first things that they’ll do are the things that we suggest. If it still doesn’t work after that, you may want to take it in or get help from an online service. Remember though, knowledge is power when it comes to your registry and dll errors.

There are programs like PC Health Boost that find and fix dll errors for you. If you have any doubts about fixing these issues yourself (which is okay, people get paid to fix these things for a living), try such a program to do it automatically for you.

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