How to Download as Fast as Possible

Why do downloads seem to take so long? When you think of downloading online you probably think of sitting around watching your computer screen, waiting for it to finish. That percentage complete bar slowly moving up one by one.

You may have a super fast 15 MB internet connection yet downloads seem to crawl, moving slowly like a snail. This doesn’t make any sense. If we have these super fast Internet connections, then why are our downloads so slow?

Maybe it isn’t your Internet connection. Maybe it is the way that you are downloading.


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What is Usenet?

Usenet is the computer based network started in the late 70s by a couple of Duke University students. Yes, that one. The original social network. The place where the World Wide Web was announced.

You may have forgotten about it or never knew about it in the first place. For over 30 years Usenet has been a place where users from all over the world can share information and ideas.

Access to Usenet is now offered by premium providers. The best providers offer uncapped speeds, unlimited downloads, and a huge collection of almost anything imaginable. And download speeds with Usenet are unmatched by any other technology.

Why is Usenet so fast?

Usenet providers give you a direct connection to posts stored on their commercial grade server farms. Unlike peer-to-peer networks, you aren’t waiting on anybody else. And you don’t have to upload anything yourself. You just connect directly to the Usenet server and pull off the posts you want.

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Imagine downloading a 700 MB file in just a few minutes. This is definitely possible with Usenet, depending on how fast your internet connection is. No more sitting around watching slow downloads on your computer. There is no middle man and no need to share your internet connection with other users.

How to Access Usenet?

Access to Usenet is no longer free. It is offered by various providers that offer a mixture of unique elements. When selecting a Usenet provider make sure you check for certain features to insure you will be getting the speed, selection and security you are after. The better-quality providers offer the following for their users :

  • ·         All-In-One Usenet Access
  • ·         Uncapped, Unlimited Downloads
  • ·         256 bit SSL Encryption Security
  • ·         Long Retention Dates (Greater than 1,000 Days)

Many providers also offer free trial periods, so if you are not convinced yet then you should try it and see what you think. You just might be amazed at how fast your next download is.

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How do you make your download as fast as possible? Let us know in the comments.


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