Downloading Things from the Internet: Legal or Illegal?

The internet has certainly changed the way we do things. We no longer have to use hands on learning to learn what we want to know. We don’t have to use a CD player or even listen to the radio anymore if we do not want to. We can save things to our computer and we can download things as easy as 1-2-3. But here comes the big question: Is internet download legal or illegal?

is internet download legal or illegal
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The things that people download vary, but in some instances, downloading is illegal. If you have never heard of downloading, you have probably done it numerous times without even thinking about it. In some countries, there are plans to have your internet access cut off if you’re found downloading music, games and films illegally – even if you are not the one doing the downloading. If you want to know more about downloading, here is the inside scoop.

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Downloading Music and Videos

Many people download music from the internet onto their computers, and in some instances, it is legal, but in many cases, it is illegal. If you download music from iTunes, then it is legal. However, if you are using sites like MediaFire, it is not legal. You can also download music from YouTube if you use a site like, but that is not necessarily legal either because the artists are not making the money they should be. If you want to save videos to your computer, you can do that as well. Sites like make it all possible and then you can  watch the videos later or even while you are offline. You can then convert the files so that you can play them on your iPod or iPhone. This practice is becoming more and popular and many people do it, even though it’s not completely legal. You can see that if you go on the YouTube website, the videos have restrictions on them that prevents them from being downloaded. Some users may allow their videos to be downloaded, but it is a rare occasion.

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Downloading Pictures and Other Files

One of the most popular things that people download is pictures. It’s actually very simple. All you have to do is find a picture that you like online, right click on it and save it. Then it will show up in your computers downloads folder and you’re done. Even if there are restrictions that prevent an image from being downloaded, many people will just screen cap the image and then crop what they want. Additionally, files such as Microsoft Word documents are also frequently downloaded, but  many times, this is completely legal.

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At some point in time or another, everyone downloads something and believe it or not, you’ve done it too. Whether you are downloading music, videos or even pictures or documents, you are still downloading. It’s no big deal as long as you are doing it legally. Knowing the laws about downloading is important so that you do not get into trouble later on. No matter what anyone says or what laws are made, downloading will still continue because it’s easy and the internet has become something we depend on so strongly. Have fun with what you download. Just make sure you’re doing it legally!


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