Making Music on Instagram – A Platform That Hits the Right Note

Instagram has become a popular platform for promoting music. Instagram’s simple layout and easy-to-use features make it the perfect place to share your music with the world. But what are the best ways to use Instagram to promote your music? Here are some tips.

Sharing Music

Make use of Instagram to share your music. Instagram Stories is a great way to share tunes with your followers in a more personal way. The Stories feature can give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your music-making process, or you can share snippets of new songs that you’re working on.

If you are having trouble getting your music video or demo noticed on Instagram, you could look to buy Twicsy Instagram likes. This will help give your post a boost and spread your music more widely. Once others have liked your video, it will encourage more users on Instagram to do the same. They will then take the trouble to play your video, believing that it is worth watching and listening to, which gives you that chance to show off your abilities. This might be playing the guitar and jamming with your newly-formed group or playing the piano and singing a ballad at the same time. There is nothing to stop you from showing a few dance moves if you are singing but not playing an instrument. To sing and dance at the same time is a skill in itself when you need plenty of breath for both.

You can share your music with fellow musicians or listeners and connect with them using Instagram. Sharing music can help to find new collaborators. This is useful if you are looking for a new band member.

On Instagram, music can be shared with a worldwide audience. These can be your existing fans or new fans wanting something in your genre. It is a great social platform to connect with fans. Music without words can be appreciated by those of different languages.

Many young people will learn their songs by listening to them on Instagram from the original artists or cover artists. There is also completely original music to listen to. If you are putting this on, then make sure that you have it copyright protected, in terms of having written it, as well as performance and mechanical rights.

Instagram Live

Use Instagram Live to give your fans a concert. Instagram Live is a great way to connect with your fans in real-time. You can use Instagram Live to give impromptu concerts, or you can use it to answer questions and interact with your fans.

There is nothing like a live concert to excite the music fan. Those who can perform live may well get work from event planners. You could soon find yourself a job as a wedding singer, for instance, or one on a cruise ship, from having used Instagram as a platform for your musical talent. Then who knows what that work could bring?

Promoting Music

Instagram is a great platform for promoting music to enable you to find work, as in one-off gigs or more permanent work. Apart from the ideas mentioned above, there is also that opportunity to promote yourself to record producers, those who run concerts, bars, and nightclubs. These are the types of people who could be looking for the next act to record or play live for them. Instagram can gain work for a musician who is struggling to get noticed because nobody has even asked to hear them or to audition them before. The platform opportunity can, in a sense, be the audition for a musician. It is a place where you can prove just how musically talented you are.

Some have even left their day jobs because of Instagram and made it in the music industry as full-time professionals. You never know, you could be one of those success stories.

With these tips, you can use Instagram to reach new audiences, connect with other musicians, build a connection with your fans, and interview for future work. So what are you waiting for? Start sharing your music on Instagram today!

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