Must have iPhone apps for Hike Lovers

If you love hiking, there are certain apps that you should have on your iPhone. There are lots of apps available in the app store like but there are certain categories of apps that you should have if before you go on a hike. These apps can prove to be very helpful in your summit and at times can be a potential lifesaver. These apps also help you explore the areas around your hike. They can guide you get back to the base or camp when you get lost. Here is the list of categories of apps you should have on your iPhone.

iphone apps for hike lovers

Maps cum navigation apps

These types of apps are the backbone of your phone if you an adventurous person. You should have at least one or two apps in which the maps are available. Also, the app must have an in-built navigation system to provide you with the directions and keeping a track of your summit. Apps like google maps, Gaia GPS, spyglass, etc have detailed maps including the layer like topography, etc. and the navigation system.

Safety apps

When you hike in an unknown region or through a difficult terrain there is a huge risk of injuries. In such a case it is better to have apps that you tell you what to take and what to do in a situation where an injury or a disease is caused. Apps like fist aid etc give you a comprehensive knowledge of medical topics and first aid. It also gives preparation tips in case of natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. It has seamless integration with emergency numbers from all over the world.

Weather apps

When it comes to hiking in extreme weather conditions, it is vital to have all the information related to the weather beforehand. This is where the weather apps come in handy. These types of apps give you hourly and daily real-time weather reports. They include a 7 to 14-day forecast feature which can be important in deciding on a trip. Other details like pressure, visibility, precipitation are also provided by such apps.

Information apps

Some apps are an incredible source of knowledge. They can give information about the place, mountains, and even the stars around you.  Star walk and similar apps help you know the constellations just above you and provide with all its details. Maps 3d pro, Alltrails, spyglass, etc gives you a 3d view of the place around you and can guide you through offbeat locations, no matter where you are.


These are the types of apps you should have if you are going on a trek or a summit. They can be your guide when you are lost, support system, SOS in emergencies, your knowledge kiosk, etc. There are numerous apps available for the above-mentioned categories in the app store. You can download the ones you feel are the most convenient. Also, this list is not exhaustive; you can always add your categories of apps on your mobile phone. 

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