Review of PDF Converter Pro for Windows

Have you ever faced difficulties in obtaining PDF copies of your Word and Excel documents? Are you looking for something that lets you create your own PDF documents? Do you still get entangled in converting those Word documents of yours into PDFs? If you say yes to all the above-mentioned questions, you could not ask for a better answer to all of these; because now PDF converter Pro for Windows is at your help.

About iSkySoft PDF Converter

iSkySoft pdf converter

iSkySoft PDF Converter is a PDF converting software, which allows you to create/convert PDF files from/into other format files, such as MS Word documents, MS Excel sheets, MS PowerPoint presentations, images, HTML pages, and EPUB files. In addition, you can convert your scanned PDF documents into a number of documents supported formats that are editable, for example Rich Text, Plain Text, Excel, HTML, and many more. The converter lets you convert your password protected PDF files as well.

Let us look at the features and functionality of iSkySoft PDF Converter:

Converts PDF to other different formats and vice versa

With the given range of various file formats, the converter allows you to convert all your PDF files into Word documents, excel sheets, PPTs, HTML files, images, and EPUB files. Having said this, you can seamlessly perform the vice versa operations as well.

Let us perform the following steps to convert our PDF files:

Launch the iSkySoft PDF Converter in your system.

1. The software windows appears (Figure 1).

2. Click the Add PDF Files button, as displayed in Figure 1:

iSkysoft PDF Converter screenshot 1
Figure 1

The ‘Open’ dialog box appears (Figure 2).

3. Select the PDF file that you wish to add (Figure 2).

4. Click the Open button to add the selected PDF file, as shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2

The selected PDF file is added to the converter (Figure 3).

5. Select the desired output format in which you want to convert your PDF file. Here, we have selected the Microsoft Word format (Figure 3).

6. Click the Convert button to convert the selected PDF file into the Word document, as displayed in Figure 3.

iSkysoft PDF Converter screenshot 3
Figure 3

Replicates and maintains the original layouts with styles

The files that you obtain after conversion are meticulously preserved and maintained by the converter in terms of graphics, styles, images, layout, formatting, and links. The original layouts and styles are absolutely replicated and not at all distorted or varied in the newly created files. You can observe this property in the two figures shown below, where Figure 4 is a PDF file and Figure 5 is a Word document. The styles, formatting, and layouts remain the same in both the figures.

pdf file
Figure 4 – PDF file
word document
Figure 5 – Word document

Performs both batch and partial conversion

With this PDF converter, you can convert as many as 200 PDF files in a single turn. You can also combine different PDF files into a single PDF file and unite other format documents to make a single PDF document. Figure 6 illustrates batch conversion:

iSkysoft PDF Converter screenshot 4
Figure 6

Converts password-protected PDF files

The converter doesn’t stop you from converting any encrypted PDF file of yours. You can type the password of your PDF file and convert it easily.

Provides Built-in OCR Feature

It permits you to convert your scanned PDF files to text-based formats, such as Plain Text, Rich Text, Word, Excel, HTML, and others. These documents are highly-editable, so you can edit them the way you want. In addition, you can obtain these documents in as many as 17 different languages.

Final Verdict

After having mentioned all the great features of iSkySoft PDF Converter, we have to say that this software is surely one of its kinds. So, don’t wait further because here comes iSkySoft PDF Converter.


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