Why Selling Affiliate Products Is A Waste Of Time

If you have a successful website, then making the most of this with the best possible monetization method is crucial. The number of visitors you have coming to your site might be a fair measure of your success at promoting your site, but if you can’t convert those visitors into cash then really you’re not going to be making the most of that exposure and you’re not going to be able to quit your day job any time soon. Without the follow through all that effort and hard work is in vein so it’s crucial to ensure you have a good method set up for making money from your visitors.

why selling affiliate products is a waste of time

Is Adsense the answer?

Now if you are savvy then you’ll quickly have realised that using Adsense is not the most effective way to do this. When you use Adsense someone is paying you a certain amount in order to get your traffic off you, and of course in order for this to be worth their while they must be making a profit. In other words they must be making more from that traffic than you are, and they must have a better way of getting money from their visitors.

Selling other people’s products?

This then is when most people will move instead to selling affiliate products. This way they get a much higher profit per click, but again they’re not at the top of the food chain. Yet again if you are selling an affiliate product then you are literally giving away paying customers and getting only a fraction of the profit. You’re doing all the leg work to get customers but then you’re letting someone else get the maximum profit – someone who has done nothing to get those visitors.

Why not sell your own product instead?

So what’s the solution then? Obvious – you do what the people at the top of the food chain are doing – you start selling your own products through your site and that way you become entirely self reliant and also make sure that you are now getting 100% of the profit.

Of course the question you might be asking at this point is how you go about selling your own product if all you’re used to doing is writing articles and doing SEO – but actually there are many relatively easy ways to start selling something.

One solution for instance is to sell arts and crafts and if you can make jewellery or clothing or anything else along those lines then you’ll be able to do something you enjoy and make a profit from it. For most of us though a more realistic product we can sell that will link to our site more closely is an e-book. Just spend some time writing about 10,000 words of your best material and instead of publishing it to your site just put it in an e-book that you can sell using a PayPal button.

Or if you are feeling more adventurous still you can even go so far as to make real items and physical products that your visitors can buy. These days there are plenty of ways you can outsource manufacturing or use injection moulding or 3D printing to make physical objects from 3D designs. Physical objects actually tend to sell more than digital products and so if you can go this far you will stand to maximize your profits more than you would any other way.

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