Boldly Going Where No Toilet Has Gone Before With Next Generation ‘Tech Toilets’

tech toilets

Though the idea of voiding your bowels in a toilet that probably possesses more processing power than your old home computer might seem a little bit daunting, ‘tech toilets’ are slowly becoming the standard in luxury bathrooms across the world. Japan is more famous than anywhere else in the world for pioneering the design and implementation of toilets that do ‘all of the hard work for you’.

The Japanese have been using remarkable toilets that put the lid down for you, check your blood pressure and play your favorite music for years now and the rest of the world is finally starting to catch on. The kind of toilets you used to only see in high-concept science fiction films are now readily available to the (wealthy) public with features on some more recent models including LCD televisions set into the toilet cubicle door, intelligent, heat sensitive seats and sensor operated lids.

There are so many to choose from with so many wild features (with varying degrees of usefulness) that we thought we’d examine only the most impressive and inventive in our feature below.

The Kohler ‘C3’ and ‘Fountainhead’

American/Austrian bathroom pioneers Kohler have been a pioneering force in the tech-toilet industry in both commercial and industrial markets. The ‘C3’ includes an in-built bidet and fan as well as a heated seat that can be set to three different temperatures. There is also a remote control included with the toilet that allows users to lift and close the seat with just the press of a button. The ‘Fountainhead’ is their most popular model, a more cost effective variant on the C3, it’s a subtle, one-piece toilet that stands without a tank and whilst it lacks some of the more elaborate features of the C3, it does include LED integrated lighting and a heated seat. Both models can be fitted in any situation, be in at home or in public toilet cubicles.

The Kohler ‘Numi’

Also from Kohler, the ‘Numi’ will set buyers back in excess of $6000 but it is by far one of the most feature models on the market. It’s probably easier to ask yourself what this toilet CAN’T do than what it can do but let’s try anyway shall we? Stylistically it’s a subtle design with a self-opening and closing lid that lifts and folds back into itself in a smooth, elegant manner. The included touch sensitive remote control can be used to set the temperature of not only the toilet seat, but the floor directly beneath it so your feet can be just as snugly warm as your posterior.

There is also an illuminated panel so you’ll never need to stumble your way to the toilet in the dark again and the bidet included in the toilet is self-cleaning so you’ll never need to get your hands dirty. Most impressive however is the docking station and built in speaker system that controls any emitted sound so that any noises you might make (inadvertently of course) whilst using the toilet can be controlled so that you’re the only one who ever hears them. Finally (and perhaps most forgivingly) it is also installed with a device that sucks any expelled air from the bowl through a bespoke filter, meaning that toilet related shame will forever be a thing of the past.

The Satis Asteo ‘Washlet 48’

This toilet is a Japanese design that has been in production for over 5 years now. As well as an automatic lifting and closing mechanism (with a sensor that detects whether you need the lid up or down) and LED lighting (which comes as standard in most modern tech toilets) it is built with an SD card slot that allows you to load in your own tunes, which are played through speakers that are built into the side of the toilet.

The Balena 8000

This model is mounted to your wall and has an incredibly advanced bidet. The cleaning functions on this toilet are second to none, with a variety of ‘oscillating’ and ‘pulsating’ options as well as a dryer so you should never need to use another roll of toilet paper.

The ‘Toto’ Range

Toto are an American company who are perhaps the best known purveyors of tech toilets. The ‘Neorest’ series sit (pardon the pun) at the top of the heap with the eco-friendly ‘600’ model boasting a low-flow mechanism that sends only 1.6 gallons of water down the drain for each flush (as opposed to the standard 4 gallons) as well as all of the other more ‘standard’ functions you would expect of such an elaborate toilet. The ‘intelligence’ series meanwhile are perfect for those with specific medical needs as it’s built to not only check your blood pressure and weight but also measure the sugar content of your urine, perfect for diabetics.

As you can see, if you’re serious about your toilet habits and require more than the solace and dignity of average toilet cubicles for your needs, then there are plenty of models on the market. The future really is closer than you think!

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[Image credit: Rudolf Vlcek, Flickr]


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