TikTok Slang Words, Phrases, Abbreviations and Emojis, Explained

TikTok slang often emerges from the creative interplay between users, trends, and pop culture references. The short video format of TikTok encourages brevity and creativity, leading to the rapid spread of catchy terms. Many slang expressions have roots in abbreviations, wordplay, or the repurposing of existing words. In this guide, we’ll explore the captivating realm of TikTok slang, explaining and giving examples for some of the popular expressions.

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TikTok Slang Words Meanings, Explained (Phrases, Acronyms, Abbreviations and Emojis)

Below are tables of TikTok Slang by different categories:

1. TikTok Slang Words/Phrases/Terms

TikTok SlangMeaningExample/How to Use
Big yikesIt’s similar to saying “Ouch,” “Aw man,” or “Bummer.”Forgot to save my TikTok video after hours of editing—big yikes!
ExtraOver the top or excessive.She’s always so extra with her makeup.
GagThe ultimate praise, expressing awe and enthusiasmJust wait until you hear her sing. You’ll gag!
YeetExpressing enthusiasm or excitement.Yeet! I aced my exam!
Big MoodExpressing a relatable feeling or attitude.Waking up late on a weekend, big mood.
VibingEnjoying a good mood or atmosphere.Just vibing to this catchy tune.
SlayDoing exceptionally well at something.She slayed that performance on stage.
FlexShowing off or boasting about one’s achievements.He loves to flex his new car on TikTok.
ShipRooting for a romantic couple.I totally ship Hermione and Ron.
CringeFeeling uncomfortable due to awkwardness.Watching that video made me cringe.
CloutFame or popularity.She gained a lot of clout after her video.
StanBeing an enthusiastic and devoted fan.I’m a huge Taylor Swift stan.
BopReferring to a catchy and enjoyable song.This track is a real bop.
Face cardTo indicate that someone is consistently and undeniably attractive. Users often share selfies accompanied by captions like “face card always valid” or “face card never expired.” This suggests that the person’s attractiveness remains constant.Feeling good in my outfit, and the mirror agrees. Face card never expired!
No CapEmphasizing the truth of what’s being said.His cooking skills are top-notch, no cap.
CringeyDescribing something awkward or uncomfortable.That dance move was so cringey.
DoughnutZero likes on a post, resembling the shape of a doughnut.My video got a doughnut; no likes yet.
Caught in 4kUsed to describe capturing someone’s reaction or behavior in a situation on camera, with high clarity and detail.I pranked him and caught his shocked expression in 4k! His face was priceless.
Bless UpExpressing gratitude or positive vibes.Passed my exam, bless up!
SnatchedLooking exceptionally attractive or put together.Her outfit is snatched today.
On FleekPerfectly done or looking great.Her makeup is on fleek today.
SimpBeing overly attentive or affectionate for someone.He’s such a simp; he wrote her a love poem.
BakaA Japanese word that means “idiot,” “stupid,” “fool,” or “dumb.” Its level of rudeness depends on the context and tone used.Tried to open the door that said ‘push,’ but pulled instead… Baka moment!
SheeshUsed to convey a sense of being impressed, expressing disbelief, or showing exasperation.Wow, that dance move was amazing! Sheesh, you’ve got some serious skills!
GhostingIgnoring someone’s messages or disappearing suddenly.He totally ghosted me after our date.
Pick Me GirlDescribe a girl who seeks attention, especially from guys. They try hard to get noticed and may not stay true to themselves.She’s always trying to impress guys. She’s a real pick me girl.
FactsAcknowledging the truth or agreement.Facts, that movie was incredible.
KarenUsed to criticize someone who displays unreasonable behavior, particularly when making unreasonable requests or complaints.Don’t be such a Karen, the restaurant is busy and they’re doing their best.
WokeBeing aware of social and political issues.She’s so woke; she’s always advocating for change.
SavageRemarkably impressive or fierce.Her dance moves are absolutely savage!
Clap BackResponding to criticism with a sharp comeback.She didn’t hesitate to clap back at her haters.
VSCO GirlReferring to a trend of using VSCO app’s filters and aesthetic.She’s dressed like a VSCO girl with her scrunchies and Hydro Flask.
DramaUnnecessary conflict or attention-seeking behavior.I can’t deal with all this drama.
GucciEverything’s good or okay.You all set? Yeah, I’m Gucci.
Glow UpTransformation or improvement in appearance over time.Her glow up from high school to college is amazing.
BussinUsed to suggest that something is incredibly delicious. While it’s commonly used to describe food, it can also be applied to anything enjoyable.This new dessert at the bakery is absolutely bussin! The combination of flavors is out of this world.
BaeTerm of endearment for a romantic partner.Date night with bae.
SnackAttractive person.That guy is a total snack.
SaltyBitter or resentful.Why are you so salty about losing?
SusSuspicious or questionable.His alibi seems sus; I’m not sure I believe it.
CrayShort for “crazy,” describing something wild or exciting.That roller coaster was so cray!
SquadA close-knit group of friends.Out with the squad for a movie night.
VibeAtmosphere or feeling of a situation.The beach vacation had such a chill vibe.
DeadExpression of shock, amusement, or disbelief.I can’t believe he said that, I’m dead.
LowkeyExpressing something subtly or discreetly.Lowkey want pizza for dinner.
HighkeyOpenly or strongly expressing something.Highkey excited for the weekend.
CheugyUsed to describe something that is no longer on-trend or considered outdated.Her fashion choices are a bit cheugy, but she loves the vintage style.
LitExciting, fun, or impressive.The concert last night was lit!
MoodRelatable feeling or attitude.Waking up late on a Saturday is a total mood.
Hundo PShort for “100 percent,” indicating agreement.You’re hundo P right about that.
CEO of…Playfully claiming expertise in a certain area.I’m the CEO of procrastination, no doubt.
Spill the TeaSharing gossip or revealing information.Spill the tea on what happened at the party!
PookieUsed to describe something cute or adorable. It’s often used in comments or captions to express affection towards someone or something.She posted a video of her new kitten with the caption “Meet my little pookie! 😻✨” to show off the adorable and endearing nature of her pet.

2. TikTok Abbreviations/Acronyms

AbbreviationMeaningExample/How to Use
FYP“For You Page,” where personalized content appears.Guess what? My video landed on the Fyp!
OOMFOne Of My FollowersJust got a sweet message from OOMF about my latest post!
LOMLLove of My LifeCelebrating our anniversary today with the LOML.
BBL“Brazilian Butt Lift,” a widely sought-after cosmetic procedure embraced by numerous celebrities. It involves enhancing hip curves and achieving a fuller buttocks appearance.“Her curves are impressive.” “True, but it’s definitely all BBL.”
POVPoint of ViewIn this video, I’ll share my POV on the current situation.
IRLIn Real LifeWe’ve been chatting online for months; I can’t wait to meet you IRL!
BMS“Broke My Scale,” used to convey that someone is exceptionally attractive.Every time you walk into the room, BMS! You’re like a walking work of art.
Fam“Family” or close friends.Out with the fam for brunch.
TBT“Throwback Thursday,” used for sharing old memories.TBT to that amazing vacation last year.
GRWM“Get Ready With Me,” often used to indicate a routine of getting ready.Join me for a GRWM session before the big party tonight!
NVRNeverI would NVR have thought of that idea on my own!
OOTDOutfit Of The DayLoving my new OOTD; what do you think?
TTYLTalk To You LaterGot to go now, TTYL!
WSign of approval, similar to “winning.”Just aced my test, W!
IYKYKStands for “If You Know, You Know.” It’s used to hint that something is an inside joke or has a deeper meaning that only those familiar with the context will understand.Our conversation was filled with IYKYK moments; we couldn’t stop laughing.
ATMAt The MomentI’m working on a project ATM, can we catch up later?
OTPOn The PhoneCan’t talk right now, I’m OTP with my friend.
BTWBy The WayBTW, did you hear about the new restaurant opening downtown?
WTVWhateverIf you don’t want to go, WTV, we can do something else.
DC“Dance Credit,” to acknowledge the originator of a dance or challenge by attributing it to them. This is often accompanied by tagging the user they want to give credit to.DC: @DanceQueen for creating such a fun and energetic dance routine.
WBUWhat About YouI’m thinking of trying a new recipe tonight. WBU, any dinner plans?
FITOutfitCheck out my new FIT for the party tonight!
SMHShaking My HeadHe left his phone at home again. SMH, some things never change.
IDCI Don’t CareYou can choose the restaurant tonight; IDC where we go.
WDYMWhat Do You MeanYou said you’ll be late. WDYM by ‘late’?
NGLNot Gonna LieNGL, that new movie was pretty awesome!
POGPlay of the GameThat headshot was a total POG!
FOMOFear Of Missing OutI can’t skip this party; I have serious FOMO.
FWIWFor What It’s WorthFWIW, I think you should go for it.
DNI“Do Not Interact.” It’s used to indicate that certain content is not intended for certain group of individuals.DNI if you are under 18.
HMLHit My LineWhen you’re free, HML so we can catch up!
GOATGreatest of All TimeHe’s the GOAT when it comes to basketball.
IBInspired ByCreated this makeup look IB @MakeupArtistJane.
1437Used as a numerical code to represent “I Love You Forever.”Sending you a quick 1437 to remind you how much you mean to me.
#xyzbcaOften used on TikTok to increase video views without carrying any particular meaning.#xyzbca

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TikTok Emoji Expressions

EmojiMeaningExample/How to Use
🧢 / 🚫🧢“Cap” has the same meaning in both written and emoji language. “Cap” and “no cap” mean “lie” and “no lie,” respectively.I’m definitely going to conquer my to-do list today 🚫🧢.
👉 👈The “two fingers touching” emoji sequence means ‘shy’. Often combined with the watery eye emoji for extra nervousness.I’m really hoping they like my surprise party idea 👉👈💦.
✨__ ✨Used to emphasize a word or phrase, often with a humorous tone.Just got my hands on the last piece of pizza at the party ✨nabbed it!✨
💀 / ⚰️Represents finding something funny, like “dying from laughter”.Your hilarious story had me in stitches 💀, I couldn’t stop laughing!
🤡Used to call someone out for doing something foolish or silly.I locked myself out again 🤡. At least it’s a consistent talent.
🪑Part of an “inside joke” where the chair emoji replaces the laughing emoji.That pun was so clever 🪑, it deserves a standing ovation.

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Becoming Fluent in TikTok Slang

To master TikTok slang, actively engage with the content. Follow popular creators, explore trending hashtags, and immerse yourself in viral challenges. This involvement ensures you’re well-equipped to understand and participate in the dynamic language of TikTok.

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TikTok slang is a fascinating linguistic playground that invites users to embrace their creativity and connect through shared expressions. With a comprehensive list of trendy terms above, you’re well on your way to becoming fluent in the language of TikTok. So, as you explore the platform, remember that each term represents a piece of its dynamic and ever-evolving culture.

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