5 Software Tools You Can Use to Create Your Own Games

free tools you can use to make your own games

All the gamers and non gamers out there who love the idea of creating a game feel quite at loss because of lack of information. There are so many ideas that keep floating around which could have been transformed into a very popular game but are not sure as these potential developers do not know where to start from. Here are the top five tools that can be used to get started to give your idea a shape.

1. Twine

Twine is used by those novice game developers who want to make a non-linear story line in their game. It is an open source tool and is used mainly for games that are text based. However, if you are well versed with CSS and Javascript then you can also add some images to the game. You can use this format for a unique adventure game that you would like to build from the scratch.

2. Scratch

Scratch is especially helpful for those who would like to create simple educational games that are informative as well as fun.  This tool is a multimedia tool that you would use if you want to make games for the kids. You can also add sound for a greater impact and let the users participate in a community that includes schools and other centers.

3. GameSalad

GameSalad is one of the largest programs that allow new developers to create and publish their games across various platforms and that too for free. There are paid and free versions available for this game. While basic tools are all free. However, to access to all the features, you need to get a pro account. They have a large community of 700,000 game makers who have together created some 200,000 games. The users can communicate and brain storm between them to come up with better ideas. The interface is quite easy to use. However, if you want to use more than just the basic functions then it gets a little trickier.

4. Game Maker: Studio

GameMaker: Studio can be used by the beginners as well as the professionals. The games can be created using the basic drag and drop functionality or the scripting language for a more advanced level game. One can use 2D graphics liberally. However, the use of 3D graphics is limited and for any other features you have to pay a fee. Many game developers have been using this software to create legible games that have helped them earn a living!

5. Unity

Unity is considered the best for the beginners, especially if they know the language C# and JavaScript. For all those who are unaware of basic language of code and do not mind a little learning can use this tool to build games.

To make games is no child’s play but certainly there are many tools freely available to make that a possibility. Most of these tools have forums and other tutorials to help learners get started. For the promotion of creation, offer freebies like free antivirus downloads so that you can get more and more users and also gain popularity in the process.

[Image credit: Johnna Phillips, Flickr]


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