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Reasons to Run Product Giveaways on Your Blog

We’ve seen many bloggers organizing product giveaways on their blogs, but what are the reasons they do this? It could be any one of the reasons below: Clearing old inventory Many site owners like to use product gets PageRank 3

Google updated PageRank today and got a promotion 🙂 Our site got PR3 from the previous PR2. Our PR has been slowly improved bit by bit : PR1 in the first quarter, PR2 in the second

Why You Should Have A Comment Policy On Your Blog

Comments are generally welcome in blogs. I personally like to read comments that are left on my blog and believe me, moderating comments has taken most of my blogging time. When people post comments, they keep a

Guest Blogging Contest @ IT Security Column

Would you like to take part in a guest blogging contest and stand a chance to win some cash and great prizes? Then read on… My fellow blogger friend Alan Tay of IT Security Column is running is now Page Rank 2

Google updated PR on February 06, 2012 and which was previously PR1 is now PR2. Nothing to be proud of here as PR2 is very common. This domain is very new and there are much work takes The My 7 Links Challenge

Woke up this morning and received an email from my friend Atish Ranjan (webmaster of Tech Tricks World) informing me that I’ve been nominated for his My 7 Links Challenge. Thanks Atish, it’s truly an honor to

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

There are just 3 days left to Christmas and 10 days left to 2012, we here at would like to wish all our readers Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. WordPress Plugin : Let It Snow!

Blog Transition In Progress

ComputerHowToGuide used to be a Blogger Blog. We are now in the process of migrating to WordPress and hence, it might take a while for this blog to be fully “in placed”. We are working very hard