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Top Ranking Social Casino Games Publishers

When it comes to the mobile app market, social casino games make up one of the most lucrative segments. Here we take a look at the leading publishers of social casino games available on Google Play and

Best of Winter-Inspired Games

Brrrr… wintertime, snow, ice, wind, a roaring fire in the hearth, and some truly inspired games! From Artic Adventures to the Winter Olympics, there’s a cold weather game for everyone and every console. So, what are some

Console Gaming vs PC Gaming – Which is Better?

There has long been a pretty major divide in the gaming world forming two distinct tribes: the PC gamer and the console gamer. These two have for a long time been arguing with each other about which

Candy Crush: Tips to Keep The Game from Crushing You

Candy Crush has taken the world by storm. After just trying this game once you can easily get addicted to it. Some people might feel this game is taking over the world, and they might be right,

Candy Crush Brings In Sweet Revenue

King, the global gamemaker of the overwhelmingly popular game Candy Crush Saga, has over 100 million people playing this game each day. This certainly gives their gamemaking rivals something to think about. If you enjoy playing Angry

How Do Online Casinos Function?

Today, instead of heading out to a casino, many people are opting to stay at home and play cards and slots at an online casino. Online casino technology is designed to imitate the physical casino gambling experience

Great Reasons to Play Online Slots

Online slots are becoming increasingly popular and for some people, even preferred over playing slots at an actual casino. Online casinos offer several advantages over playing in person at a traditional casino and come without the pressure

Are Video Games Draining My Power Bill?

Electricity costs continue to rise as Americans use more and more high-tech gadgets. From smartphones to laptops, all these devices need to be plugged in sooner or later. Video games, however, come in a number of different

Benefits of Online Racing Games

With many giant console manufacturers under serious threat from the rise of smartphone and online gaming popularity, we take a look at why online gaming is often better than console gaming. As wallets are getting tighter and

Enjoy Slots Games by ClickFun with Your Facebook Friends

As the name suggests, Click Fun is a whole new world of social casino fun and frolics. Visit their website and you will be immediately drawn to their free to play games. But beyond that, Click Fun

Computer Game Focused Learning: Benefits and Risks

The older generations of parents viewed computer games as nothing more than a distraction from learning and a waste of time for their children. However, as numerous studies have been carried out from the first days of