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Vision Impairment is Not a Game: Protect Your Eyes and Extend Your Game Time with Appropriate Eyewear

Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or an average computer user, staying glued to the screen for extended periods can take a toll on your eyes. You may experience eyestrain or blurred vision from time to time.

Top 10 WordPress Gaming Themes for Video Game Portals & Game Designers 2017

Face it. Your life revolves around gaming industry and has been for a while now. From the first discovery of console games, passionate hours-long gaming, hungry reading all about the industry in magazines and on the web,

The Tech Taking Healthcare Provision to a New Level

Healthcare provision is a part of life that has always been in demand. It is a part of life that is as in demand today as it ever has been — probably even more so. And it

Why Your Computer Does Not Need Screen Savers

There was a time when screen savers were deemed necessary, however, with today’s modern flat panel LCD displays found on both televisions and computer monitors they are no longer needed. In fact, screen savers actually waste a

Up and Coming Innovative Technology Start-up Companies

Technology changes, and changes our lives, in a blink of an eye these days. There are always up and coming technology start-ups that are promising, and some that may affect the way we do our normal tasks

Better Computer Screen Lighting with f.lux

Found this program called f.lux from a fellow blogger friend’s blog. This program can help computer users reduce eye strain during night time and allow a user to sleep better after computer usage. I’ve downloaded f.lux immediately

How to Download as Fast as Possible

Why do downloads seem to take so long? When you think of downloading online you probably think of sitting around watching your computer screen, waiting for it to finish. That percentage complete bar slowly moving up one

Desktop Clocks

Having the world desktop clocks on the computer screen will be quite useful for you. Whether you travel to various cities around the world or you have a home business and you interact with worldwide client or