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5 Outdated Technologies That You Need to Stop Using

Some technological devices are old and outdated, yet still in circulation. Whether it is because people love them, necessity, or just plain old emotional attachment, these devices need to be replaced with newer, better looking, and more

Wi-Fi Predictions for 2015

Wi-Fi has evolved as a viable means of connecting your mobile devices. With over one billion devices available in the market, this wireless internet technology ranks as one of the most successful networking technologies ever developed. Even

Protect Your Data from Snooping When You Are in a Free WiFi Zone

When there is WiFi hotspots in the coffee shops, airports, hotels, universities, libraries, and other public places, getting online has become cooler than ever. It is a usual scene now to see someone doing online shopping from

How to Locate Free WiFi Wherever You Go

Having access to WiFi is very important, especially when you’re away from home. There will be many occasions where you will want to access your email accounts or view important documents stored in the cloud with your

The Secrets to Keep Your WiFi Within Range

Just imagine being stuck on a flight with no WiFi or out of WiFi range in a coffee shop. It will of course not be a pleasant experience. Access to the customer database can be cut off

How to Choose a Server for Your Business

Serving the right server for your needs can be a difficult thing; this article will give you a better idea of what will be a good fit from online servers to in house hardware. There are 3

Are Online Casino Games Fair?

With so many new online casino games these days, many people want to know the answer to this question: Are online casino games fair? Players may also want to know how online casinos compare to traditional casinos,

Open Garden: An App that opens Internet Connections

While many appreciate the convenience of Wi-Fi, many are also aware of how troublesome it can get to locate an excellent connection – or even just Internet access. A convenient solution is now within reach: users can