Top 3 Apps that Help Students Study Better

Apps that Help Students Study Better

We are always having our smartphones, tablets, laptops by our side and we use them for different tasks. Its only natural then that we would also use our mobile devices to enhance our studying. Here are top 3 apps that can help you study better.

1. Evernote

This app is available for your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. The name says exactly what the app is designed for and that is taking notes. This includes PDF format, creating a to do list and generally serves as a pocket notebook.

One of the main benefits of using Evernote is that it will sync with all your devices and operating systems.

Have you been taking notes on those sticky notes and losing some in the process? With Evernote, that problem is finally solved. What’s more, you can get rid of all that clutter on your desk.

Evernote is organized into notes as well as notebooks. There are plenty of other features with the app that makes it stand out from the rest such as attaching files, attaching pictures to notes, creating checkboxes, and the ability to share with others.

This application is free and is available for Android and iOS operating systems.

2. Google Drive

This app allows users to create and store documents online. The main benefit of this is in case your laptop or computer crashes, you are still going to be able to access your documents through another machine. What’s more, Google drive also makes it possible to work offline and work on the same document with classmates. For example, if a student needs homework help answers others can share their documents and assist them.

You can store almost any type of file including word documents and spreadsheets. The app is available for windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Google drive provides simple access to cloud-based technology. The app also provides users with plenty more tools such as Google docs.

Google slides works in a similar fashion to PowerPoint and allows users to create presentations.

Google sheets is a spreadsheet tool.


Coursera is an education site that partners with top universities and colleges. Students simply sign up and can learn at their own time. This is made possible by the fact that these schools offer MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses, as well as curriculum course study notes.

Students are able to target higher grades and there is also the opportunity to get a scholarship. Part of the reason why Coursera is so popular is that the courses are affordable and can be accessed on mobile devices on both Android and iOS.

With Coursera, students also get access to video courses, quizzes and short essays. The app is simple and intuitive to use. Since the essays are short, students learn how to use less words to make their point.

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