Best Free OCR Services Online

What is Optical Character Recognition?

OCR stands for optical character recognition. It is the solution for most of the businesses because it extracts the data from the written or printed text of a scanned document.

It then converts the data or text into a form that is readable and can be used for further processing such as editing and searching. 

In simple words or for the understanding of a user it is a technology that converts the image-based PDF or JPG into a readable text file.


OCR services are used for files such as invoices, receipts contracts, and financial statements.

There are many benefits of the OCR services. For business these include the eradication of the entry of manual data. It also provides the resource savings and processing of data faster.

With OCR there are fewer chances of error. Chances of error are eliminated. Physical storage space can also be reallocated.

It definitely improves productivity as well. OCR technology renders many benefits to the businesses.

These types of data capturing solutions reduce the costs greatly. It improves the services by making sure that employees are up to date and have accurate information whenever they need it.

Online free OCR services

Now that the importance of the OCR services is established, we can look into some of the free OCR services that are available. Below is the list. 

1. Ocrtoword

The third tool on our list is ocrtword. Ocrtoword is a smart scanner that captures files in addition to books and converts them into easy to go looking textual content layout.

As soon as the scan is performed, you could make modifications within the output file.

An interesting function is that it can study your phone screen, including icons, hyperlinks, buttons, and many others.

2. Prepostseo Image to text converter

This website also provides free OCR services tool. This tool can turn the images into a readable text easily. You just have to copy-paste the URL or simply upload an image. It works in seconds.

The text can be scanned from any image or PDF file. Extracted text then can be copied and edited as desired. It provides you with many useful features of this website. For example, it asks for no registration.

Your data is always private and secure. The greatest advantage is that there is no data upload limit. You can upload as many images as you want.  

3. Boxoft

This free of cost software helps you extract text from all types of images. Boxoft can assist multiple languages within its range.

It can analyze French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and many more. This freeware software is an excellent choice for people looking for OCR tools. 

4. SodaOCR

SodaOCR is the digital statistics equivalent of locating the needle within the haystack.

This eliminates the requirement for guide statistics access whilst converting bodily paper to digital, permitting companies to reconsider time and assets on better cost-introduced responsibilities.

 SodaOCR recognizing software programs creates efficiencies in document processing that allow groups to step firmly in the direction of the paperless workplace in the age of virtual transformation. SodaOCR provides the perfect opportunity for that. 

5. Convertio

Convertio is a free online software and a great choice for OCR tools. It is one of the best tools that you can select for your business documents to scan and get them in an editable format. It has a pretty modern design.

You will have to get registered for analyzing the documents. Unregistered users can only upload the documents up to 10 pages. Convertio is pretty simple to use. You just have to upload the file from your computer or Google Drive or Dropbox.

After that select the language. Enter the page numbers which you want the software to recognize. Then click the final key of recognize.