Maintaining Your Computer Saves You Money on Repairs and New Purchases

Owning a computer is not as simple as buying a new device. Just like owning a house or a car, having a computer requires a great deal of maintenance in order to prevent issues from arising that may cause the need for major repairs or even a new computer. A disruption in your computer may also mean disruption in your work.

A significant number of people now work with computers and their living is now based on the amount of work that they produce. When a system failure or damage to the hardware or software of a computer happens, people may also lose productivity. Preventive maintenance is needed, which may involve the following:

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computer system maintenance tips
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System Maintenance

Your system is one of the most important things installed in your computer because it keeps the computer running. Most computers cannot function if the system is disrupted or corrupted. The following are the essential things to do to maintain your system:

  • Register the software products. Unless they are registered, command prompts tell you that your software is not authentic, which may prevent the manufacturer from providing important updates.
  • Allow automatic updates or update your computer on a scheduled basis. Updates are essential to keep your system running with the latest software [Read also: How to Fix Computer Problems – Use Latest Driver Updates].
  • Review your computer’s manual. You can get a lot of information on how to maintain your system using these manuals.
  • Get authentic anti-virus software. Malwares and viruses usually attack your system’s PC so unless you get good anti-virus software, your computer is at risk of being damaged. Make sure that any anti-virus software is also authentic or registered. You should also run a full virus scan weekly to remove any unwanted viruses or malware in your computer on a regular basis.
  • Install anti-ad software. Visiting the web may allow advertisers to constantly send ads when you are online. These ads may contain viruses or malware that may damage your computer.
  • Clean junk in your computer left by browsers. Computer cleaners such as CCleaner, Kleansweep or Bleachbit help you remove cookies, caches, download histories and other items that consume a large amount of computer space. This step may empty your recycle bin, delete internet files, delete cookies, and clear browsing history.
  • Uninstall unused programs. Unused programs may also eat a lot of space in your computer and may slow down its functioning. Uninstalling them gives you more free space and will definitely increase your computer’s performance.
  • Defragment your hard drive. Make sure that you defrag your hard drive monthly because this allows your computer to run smoothly [Read also: How to Know if Your Computer Hard Drive is Failing?].
  • Rearrange items in your hard disk. Using the Performance and Maintenance tool in Windows, you can rearrange items on your hard disk to make its life longer. Hard disks can be expensive if you are unable to maintain them. Other operating systems like Mac have their own Disk Utility tools.
  • Run a disk scan. This step allows you to check for hard drive issues that may be damaging your computer. Make sure to do this on a weekly basis.
  • Change all your passwords. Your passwords should be regularly changed to avoid spam content that may include viruses [Read also: How to Manage Multiple Passwords].

Aside from system maintenance, you also need to clean your computer externally, which should include:

  • Cleaning your keyboard. Your keyboard may harbour dust and dirt that should be cleaned on a monthly basis.
  • Cleaning your monitor. Your monitor also needs cleaning regularly to make it as clear as when new.
  • Cleaning your peripherals. Your peripherals such as mouse, speakers, printer and others may also require physical cleaning to remove dust that has built-up over time.

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