Are You Keeping Your Computer in Optimal Operating Condition?

If you’ve ever had a computer emergency (think lost/unsaved work, virus freeze-ups, etc.), then you know how disrupting it can be. The best way to avoid a technical meltdown is to prevent the worst from happening before it even has a chance. Are you keeping your computer in optimal operating condition? Here are some things you should be doing:

How to Keep Your Computer in Optimal Operating Condition
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Protect yourself against threats

In today’s world, just surfing the web can expose you to a variety of threats that can compromise both the health of your computer, as well as your personal data. Install reliable security software that will keep things like viruses, Trojans, spyware, and malware out of your operating system, and be sure to scan your computer often, just in case something threatening does slip through the cracks.

Clean up your hard disk

As you use your computer to browse the web, execute programming, and save files, your hard disk becomes full. It sometimes even gets unorganized and clogged up with stuff you’ll never again use. Make it a point to clean up your hard disk space on a monthly, or even weekly, basis. This means running the Disk Defrag function and launching the Disk Cleanup feature.

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Update your operating system and software

You know those pesky reminders that your computer needs updating? Well, you owe it to your computer (and to yourself) to follow those suggestions, no matter how tempting it may be to put it off until later. Somewhere out there is a team of people working day in and day out to fix bugs, amp up security, and otherwise make improvements to your operating system and software, and updates allow you to reap the benefits of all that hard work with just the click of a button. If your computer seems to be running slower (or is “glitchy” in behavior), or if some of your programs aren’t operating as they should, chances are you need to update.

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Organize your desktop

It is likely that on your desktop you have a number of shortcuts you never use and files you don’t need desktop access to. This takes up memory and can slow your computer down. Tuck desktop files away in appropriate folders and get rid of any icons you don’t use on a regular basis; you can always access them from the Start menu or file manager.

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Get rid of unused programs

Whether you use them or not, all of the programs on your computer take up valuable memory. Some of these programs may even be running in the background 100 percent of the time you are on your computer! Do yourself a favor and visit your uninstall feature; you might be surprised to find what’s in there.

As you can see, there are some very simple things you can do to keep your computer in tip-top shape, and none of them require that you hire a professional. Get into these great habits to keep your computer in optimal condition.

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