Design A Chrome App for Your Website In Minutes : Step by Step Guide

Have you ever wondered about designing your website its very own Chrome App? If yes then, this tutorial will guide you through the best way to create one. Chrome apps are very useful because your viewers will not need to type and open your website by its Uniform Resource Locator (URL) every time they need to. This is a smarter way to give them the access to your site by providing them with an option of a chrome app. This also increases your chances of getting viewed more as they will tend to find any articles related to your niche first on your website since it becomes very easy for them and then they will move on with other options if they feel like it.

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So how to do this? I have learned the tutorial on how to create your chrome app via a video and some text. I will make this simple for you:-

  • First create a new folder with any name you wish.
  • Then open it and create a new text document there.
  • Paste the following code given below.

    “name”: “ComputerHowToGuide”,
    “description”: “Your 1-stop computer And Technology Blog”,
    “app”: {
        “urls”: [“”],
        “launch”: {
            “web_url”: “”
    “manifest_version”: 2,
    “update_url”: “”,
    “version”: “0.1”,
    “icons”: {
        “128”: “icon.png”

  • Change name, description, and URLs according to your website.
  • Click the save as option and the file should be saved with the name manifest.json. Make sure that the tab below the file name is set to All files as shown in the screenshot below.

creating chrome app

  • Next step is to add an icon of your website which must be of png format and of 128×128 dimension.
  • Both these files should be in the folder which you created before.
  • Next, create a zip folder with help of any software like WinRar.

And you are all done with your work of creating your Chrome App.

How to Publish This Web App (The Final Step)

Since now all the coding is completed you need to publish your very first app to chrome store. You should get your zip file uploaded by clicking here. Choose the best category that suits your website, add a description, some clicks of your website, a language and you are all set to click on publish.

publishing your chrome app
Google will ask you to pay a $5 one time charge registration fee and your account will then be activated. Payment should be made via Google Wallet. However you can opt out of that if you do not want to publish this app in Chrome App Store.

The other way round to do all this stuff in less than 30 seconds

Though with the above steps anyone can develop their apps but if you are finding it difficult or maybe not willing to do that much of editing and then saving and making a zip file. Then we have got another way for you in which you just need to write your URL, press enter and you are done with the zip file creation. This will hardly take few seconds and all you need to do is just publish that app.

We will be using Appmator. This is very useful for designing a chrome app and you can get that zip file ready for your website in just a single step.


  • Just enter your website URL and click on start.
  • Next you will be prompt to choose an icon for your app. Choose an icon of the same 128×128 dimension.

And you are all done. You will be provided with a ready-made zip file for you website with all the coding and other details which you were adding up manually.

chrome app ready to be uploaded

Simply download and upload it and you are done. You have made a Chrome App for your very own website in less than a minute.

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