Does Email Have A Place In Modern Computing?

While email was one of the pieces of technology that revolutionized the internet in the 1990s, providing a simple yet effective way of individuals communicating with each other, has it seen its day and ready to be thrown aside with your 56k modem and CRT monitor?

Email has been used for a huge variety of purposes, including colleagues communicating at work, businesses communicating with their clients for marketing or support purposes and even just for individuals to chat with each other; however there is now a viable alternative for pretty much every requirement.

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email in modern computing

In The Work Place

Why send an email when you can send an instant message and get an instant response? No worrying about whether or not the recipient has received or opened the email. Shared intranets and cloud computing to share documents and files means that important documents can easily be accessed by anyone quickly, without having to send it on an email, waiting to see if it will bounce back because the attachment is too large!


Email is seen as so formal. More and more companies are using Twitter and Facebook as a means to support their customers. Failing that, ticket systems have been a long favorite, providing an organized and easy method of the client communicating with you without having countless emails going back and forth.


With fewer teenagers using email, instead opting for instant messaging, either through their computers or their mobile phones, it’s no longer the preferred method of chatting to your friends. Group chats, status updates, multiplayer games and the ability to share photos all make social networking sites much more versatile to use over emails.

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Emails Dead?

email dead

So, it looks pretty certain that email is going to end up going the way of the letter after all. Or does it! With the popularity of tablets and smartphones, there are developers trying to develop apps that will help you to use email with ease on these mobile gadgets. There are still so many benefits to using email. For example, marketing by email is so easy and cost effective, something none of the other methods have been able to recreate…so far.

Emails can also easily be sorted, stored and archived, unlike instant messaging or social networks. While you may be able to access the data from those sites as you need to, its near on impossible to export the data for backup purposes or to be able to apply any sort of filter to them. Again, this is something that may come in time.

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The other problem with instant messaging and social media, is also one of their biggest selling points, they are informal. While this may be perfect for telling your customers about a new pushchair you have started selling, it’s not the sort of image professionals want to be portraying. Could you imagine a lawyer, doctor or banker sending you a message on Twitter or Facebook?

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