Reasons to Run Product Giveaways on Your Blog

We’ve seen many bloggers organizing product giveaways on their blogs, but what are the reasons they do this? It could be any one of the reasons below:

product giveaways

Clearing old inventory

Many site owners like to use product giveaways to lure readers in. Some like to use products such as software licenses or other digital products like a WordPress Plugin in their giveaways, while others might use a variety of biz promo items such as laptop bags, mouse pads, and mobile phone cases as a sort of enticement. However, you don’t necessarily have to search for sponsors for products or buy something fancy and expensive on your own to run a blog giveaway. Most people love free stuff, an old key-chain or a pen that you’ve bought and sits in the drawer may do the job. Just make sure they are still usable though.

A way to say ‘Thank you’ to your readers

Your readers visit your blog, read your content, leave worthy comments and share your articles over their social media accounts. They are your loyal supporters. Organizing a blog giveaway would make them feel appreciated by you, hence building stronger relationships.

Encourage feedback and more interaction

Don’t just simply “give away” the product. Make your readers do something in order to get it. It could be leaving a constructive comment, Tweet about the giveaway, Like an article or subscribe to your newsletter, etc.

Create awareness about a new product

Sponsors might offer you their products to run a blog giveaway. They see great potential in sponsoring because your site has good traffic and large readers base. Products will be sponsored, but in return, you have to write a little review, mention or just add a link to their sites on the post about the giveaway. This is actually a win-win for both sides. You receive free products to run a blog giveaway and the sponsors get the advertising.

Attract new readers

As mentioned previously, most people love free stuff, right? People tend to stick to your site if your site organizes product giveaways on and off because they don’t want to miss any chance of getting free stuff. The power of sharing is unquestionable, hence make sharing the giveaway on your readers social media a must-do in order to take part, this will ensure your blog being noticed by a wider and newer audiences.


A well planned product giveaway can end up being a major boon to your blog. Spend enough time preparing the right product and the right parameters, and you’ll discover how to do a giveaway that gives back in a big way.

Any other reasons that might make you run a product giveaway on you blog? Let us know.


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