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How to Choose the Right Type of Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Why do we Have Broken Calls? The problem of dropped or missed call is not new at all, and we can claim that the number of such cases is getting up, because more and more people acquire

Top 5 Music Gadgets to Keep An Eye On in 2014

No one can say no to music! It is a real magic that the same sounds come up with millions of mellifluous tunes in all new ways all the times. 2013 was a year of various gadgets

The Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has dominated the phone market since it was released, but some people find it hard to make theirs stand out from the crowd. Cases are a great way of not only protecting your

Technology Upgrade – Swapping Your Laptop for a Tablet

Tablets are quickly becoming one of the most popular gadgets around and for good reason, they’re highly portable, offer most of the apps of a mobile phone, and can often connect to both 3G and WiFi, meaning that

Is Using Google Glass While Driving As Dangerous As Using A Phone?

There is a lot of talk and excitement over the new Google Glass in the tech community. While the glasses is still in the works and not available to the general public, several prototype versions have been

Don’t Be A Chicken, Try The LG G2 OIS Camera!

One of the best features of the LG G2 smartphone is the camera. Many people use their smartphones on a daily basis to snap pictures while they are out and about, because they always have their phone

Why Is There So Much Hype Surrounding New Smartphone Releases?

With 435 million mobile phones having been sold around the world in the second quarter of 2013 – the most recent available statistics at the time of writing – anyone can see that this is a market

In the Market for Camera Poles? Here’s a Buyer’s Guide

Not getting the right shots despite your best attempt? It may be because of the height from which you see the world. You raise your camera to your eyes and shoot a picture. This is easier for