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Top 10 WordPress Gaming Themes for Video Game Portals & Game Designers 2017

Face it. Your life revolves around gaming industry and has been for a while now. From the first discovery of console games, passionate hours-long gaming, hungry reading all about the industry in magazines and on the web,

Making Money On The Internet for Beginners [Infographic]

Do you want to learn more about making money on the internet? Making money on the internet is massively convenient, and the great thing about it is anybody can learn to do it. There are a plethora

How to Start a Profitable Blog

In order to earn money from blogging, one needs to review and understand the current internet landscape. While content might be a fundamental component, it can also become overwhelming. As you go on about creating fresh content,

Website Design Trends You May Want to Avoid

When it comes to website design, not all website design trends are considered to be rightfully equal. And there are a number of decent reasons for this –keep reading to discover what those reasons are. There are

Why You Should Have A Comment Policy On Your Blog

Comments are generally welcome in blogs. I personally like to read comments that are left on my blog and believe me, moderating comments has taken most of my blogging time. When people post comments, they keep a

Guest Blogging Contest @ IT Security Column

Would you like to take part in a guest blogging contest and stand a chance to win some cash and great prizes? Then read on… My fellow blogger friend Alan Tay of IT Security Column is running