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How to Store Critical Data (or Where to Keep the Good Stuff?)

It’s a favorite line from every western ever made, indicating there is “stuff” and then there is the “good stuff.” Only the cool cowboys or the domineering alpha males get the good stuff. Even though they both

Windows 7 ‘System Repair’ Disc Options and Steps to Create System Image

Windows 7 ‘System Repair’ disc helps you to come out of various Windows errors, and other emergencies. This repair disc for Windows 7 provides various options to get your system back into working condition. You just need

6 Common Computer Nightmares and Possible Ways to Fix Them

Suddenly, you get up in the middle of night screaming and finding yourself cold sweat, but relaxed after seeing that you are in bed and it was just a dream. However, next morning you get up, dress

How to Recover Windows Data Using Data Recovery Software

In the past few years, the digital world has witnessed a number of different operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix etc. Among these operating systems, Microsoft Windows is the one that is used by most