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Are You Being Hosted By The Proper WordPress?

Get the power you need behind your WordPress blog. is one of the most widely known and used blog hosting platforms on the web today. is closely related as a top provider of content management

Instagram: An Endless Scroll of Influencers

Have you ever heard of Instagram? If not, here is what you need to know. Instagram is a form of blogging/social media that allows users to post pictures. There are not words, status updates, or articles to

Site Ranking Poorly in Google? Here is Why

There’s a joke which floats around SEO circles to do with websites that rank poorly in Google: Where’s the best place to hide a secret? The second page of Google. This may sound harsh, but it is

Understanding Mobile Marketing Trends

It’s no secret that mobile industry is flourishing and that it’ll continue its unprecedented growth in 2016. Google announced that 2015 saw mobile searches eclipse that of desktop searches in 10 countries. Today more than 80% of

Do You Like, or +1?

Same Old, Same Old It’s hardly a surprise that Facebook’s f8 announcement came the day after Google+ came out of beta and opened to public subscription.  It’s also hardly a surprise that the changes to Facebook, rolled