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How to Start a Successful IT Career

In order to start a successful IT career it’s important to have the relevant certifications. The best place to start is the CompTIA A+ course which is an entry level qualification for the IT field. Once you

Tips to Prevent Your iDevices from Being Hacked

Apple devices are not exactly Fort Knox, as much as we’d like to believe them to be. The security crack known as “go to fail” can give the hackers absolute authority into your device to wreak havoc.

Smartphone Screen – Is Bigger Always Better?

A 3-inch display used to be considered massive, but now it’s small and obsolete. Smartphones have steadily grown in size throughout the years, but is having a bigger display really better? There are many things to consider,

Looking for a Scientific Calculator? Just Google it!

Google has just added a cool and useful 34-button virtual scientific calculator to its search engine. This value added feature has a calculator appears after you’ve entered a math equation be it simple or complex calculations. Enter

BUMP Photos from Phone to Computer

You just took a photo with your iPhone or Android smartphone and would like to transfer it to your computer. Now what would you normally do? You will look for the USB cable, right? You found it