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What Does Parental Control Offer in 2017?

As a careful and watchful parent, you may be looking for new ways to watch your kids, right? That’s true for all parents – at the moment of giving childbirth, your calmness and balance are gone forever,

Download YouTube Playlists and Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Easily

When it comes to video sharing, there is one website that stands out and that is YouTube. Established in early 2005, the site has been one of the most sought after video sharing platforms on the cyberspace

5 Reasons You Need to Be Advertising on Facebook

In the past 10 years, Facebook has made a monumental impact on our world. This may sound like a bold overstatement, but just consider how many people you know who use it. For the average American, checking

Top 3 Rules for SEO in 2016

Like fashion trends, Search Engine Optimization goes through ‘seasonal’ changes too. Every now and then the algorithms change and this results in different frameworks for business owners. These frameworks consist of all the activities and even thought

4 Apps You Should Know to Optimize Your Business Mobility

71 percent of enterprises believe mobility is a top priority for their business and 63 percent believe it to be the greatest factor in helping their organization gain a competitive advantage, according to a global survey by

Benefits of Synchronous Cloud Storage

Storing files on the Cloud is not necessarily a new technology. However, there are many people that haven’t really delved into the possibilities of using such conveniences online. Instead, people are consumed with sharing on social sites

10 Tips to Secure Your Mobile Devices

Most everyone who uses computers realizes that desktop PCs and laptops can become infected with viruses or be hacked, however, not as many realize that smartphones are prone to getting viruses too. The very features that make

Keeping Your Business Secure Online: What Your Company Needs to Know

Any business with even a modicum of ambition will have at least some reliance on the internet to get things done. It could be for communication with clients, research, sales, marketing or all of those put together,