Gmail – Why They are The Best at Keeping Your Inbox Organized

When it comes to having the best email there is, you can be sure Gmail has you covered. Sure you can check out other email accounts and set up a free account but Gmail is loaded with features for not only business use but personal use as well. If you want to stay organized within your email then don’t look any further than Gmail.

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why Gmail is the best


Gmail has a feature where you can label everything and archive it for future reading. For example, you can create labels for every category your email comes under and instead of deleting a certain email you want to keep and instead of leaving it in your inbox you can archive it into one of these new labeled folders for you to look at later on. This is one of the best features of Gmail.

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Filters are a great way of keeping your email organized. By creating filters you can make certain emails go into the trash or a certain labeled folder so you won’t have to worry about it clogging up your email. You already have your spam going to the spam folder so these emails won’t clog up your email but now you can add special filters to other emails to have them going to designated folders you can set up. Now with advanced filters you can set up your Spam emails to go straight to your trash folder instead of having to see all of those Spam emails on the left side bar. This is a great feature of Gmail.

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Important, Starred and Everything Else

With Gmail you can also mark emails as important and they will be at the top of your Gmail inbox. Those that aren’t as important will be left in the “everything else” area. You can also star other messages to have them stay in the starred area. Starring other important emails is a great way to keep certain emails in one spot so you always see them and always know where they are.

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Lots of Space

Gmail also has lots of space that never runs out. This means you can even leave anything you want in your inbox or other folders and as many emails as you want and your space will never run out. If, for example, you have a lot of emails in your inbox and someone sends you an important email, that email will not be sent back for bouncing just because you have a lot of emails in your inbox and other folders. So if you don’t feel like setting up filters or labels at first and you end up leaving a lot of emails in your inbox, don’t worry about it because there is lots of space and the space just keeps coming.

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With all of these features Gmail has, who wouldn’t want to use it for their emails. You can use it for both personal and business use. You can also have many other Gmail accounts if you want to create more than just one for personal and business use.

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