How to Become Famous on YouTube

Are you a college student looking for a way to make money and some fame too while you’re at it? It’s possible to become rich and famous with just a video camera and some gumption thanks to YouTube.

Many regular people have become overnight sensations on the popular video site by posting videos of themselves singing, putting on makeup or simply being silly. Individuals with popular channels with a large number of subscribers even have the opportunity to become YouTube Partners and receive payments for ads displayed around their video. Ready to be discovered? Here are a few ideas to help you reach superstardom.

how to become famous on youtube

1. Let Your Voice Be Heard

Your singing voice that is. If you can’t make it to the next American Idol audition there is always YouTube. Did you know that a few talented individuals have even signed record deals as a result of posting homemade videos of them singing? The most famous example is Justin Bieber; his channel received millions of views and resulted in him getting signed to mega star Usher’s label. Stars aren’t just made in the U.S; Dutch singer Esmee Denters attracted so much interest with her videos that she was signed with Justin Timberlake’s label. If you think you’ve got a golden voice, why not shoot a vid and upload it? You might be the next mega star!

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2. A Knack for Beauty

Do you have a passion for makeup? Can you totally transform yourself with makeup? Beauty is a massive niche on YouTube; some individuals specialize in beauty reviews while others will post complete tutorials. Some of YouTube’s gurus have achieved international fame and fortune. Michelle Pham’s videos have received millions of visitors. Her cousin Tamang Phan is also a star in her own right and has been featured on Fox 11 News for her popular channel which shows her transforming herself to different celebrities such as Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie and even rap star Drake with makeup. Some of the transformations are simply astounding and have to be seen to be believed.

3. Be A Funny Man Or Woman

Have a knack for performing? Are you naturally funny? Comedy channels are extremely popular. One good example of a successful comedy channel is that of college students Ryan Higa; his channel currently boasts of 21 million subscribers. Many of his videos are comedy sketches with titles such as “How To Be Gangster” and “How To Be Emo”. Some of his sketches feature other individuals but the majority are solo efforts.

4. Host a Giveaway

Hosting a giveaway on your YouTube channel is an effective way to attract attention and help you to become famous, engage your audience, and potentially gain new subscribers. Giveaways create excitement and incentivize viewers to participate and share your content.

When planning a giveaway, consider offering prizes that align with your channel’s niche or content, as this will attract an audience genuinely interested in your content. Clearly outline the rules and entry requirements in your video or video description, and set a specific duration for the giveaway.

Promote the giveaway on your social media platforms to reach a wider audience and encourage participation. Remember to comply with YouTube’s policies and guidelines regarding giveaways, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

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5. Use Call to Actions (CTAs)

Utilizing effective Call to Actions in your YouTube videos can significantly impact your channel’s growth. A Call to Action prompts your viewers to take specific actions, such as subscribing, liking, commenting, or sharing your videos.

Encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel by explicitly asking them to do so at the beginning or end of your videos. You can also ask them to like your video if they found it helpful or engaging. Engage with your audience by posing questions and requesting their opinions, which can encourage more comments and interactions.

Additionally, ask viewers to share your videos with their friends or on social media platforms if they found the content valuable. CTAs help guide your audience’s actions and increase engagement, ultimately driving more visibility and potential subscribers to your channel.


By focusing on these 5 tips and strategies, you can enhance your chances of becoming famous on YouTube. Remember, building a successful channel takes time and effort, so stay dedicated, experiment with different content ideas, and keep improving your skills as you progress. Good luck!

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