5 Tips You Must Consider When Designing Phone Apps

When designing an app to be used by mobile phone users, there are some considerations that must be met. While some of these are rather obvious, many app designers do not stop to contemplate their applicability to the design of their app. By taking the time to think through these considerations, your app is more likely to be successful.

designing phone apps
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1. Think about users

Are you targeting users using iPhones, Androids or BlackBerry? Anytime a product is developed, including apps, the consumer who will be using it must be taken into account. Of all the steps of app design, this is key and should occur first. Too often designers just ponder the function of the app. They also need to consider the context in which it will be used. Brainstorm possible users and how they might interact with the app. This can often lead to tweaks being made into the original design when you realize your target audience will need certain aspects added or taken away. Anyway, what is important is each smartphone has their own features and with the fast changing landscapes, the apps design needs to be compatible with all and stay evergreen to be.

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2. Sketch out a design

Once the purpose and functionality of the app have been determined, the next step would be to sketch out a design. The design should not be considered final but rather a work in progress; it’s more than likely that there will be edits made along the way. Make sure your app has some unique aspects in comparison to other apps on the market. Otherwise, it may not be successful if there’s already one on the market.

3. Be unique

There could be many more similar apps out there already, so how do users know the difference between your app and the others? Try to make your app different and unique by giving it an awesome looking logo or you could use a striking color in the app to make it stand out among others.

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4. Keep it simple

In designing the app, remember: less is best. Users do not respond favorably to apps with cluttered screens. They want sleek, streamlined apps that are easy to use and fulfill the intended purpose. You may have to evaluate what is really important in the design of your app.

5. Don’t forget to test it!

Lastly, testing is another important step. This would of course include testing to make sure the app works. However, do not forget to test out your app with a sample demographic group that you are targeting. These users will provide valuable feedback to help you shape your app before released.

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What are your experiences? Do you have any apps designing tips you would like to share? Please leave them in the comments.


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