Google Sphere – Awesome Trick For Your Browser

I would like to share here a Google trick which I found very interesting and fun, it’s called Google Sphere.
Google Sphere

Google Sphere Screenshot

Just follow these steps :

  • Go to
  • Enter Google Sphere in the search box
  • Click on the I’m Feeling Lucky button (Update February 21, 2012 : Turn off Google Instant Search Results if you don’t see the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button)
  • Move your mouse
  • You will see Google search appears in a rotating spherical shape
  • Now, try entering a word for example “laptops” in the search box and click the “Search Images” button
  • Enjoy!

Google Sphere works fine on Google Chrome, IE and Mozilla Firefox. Do watch the demo video below. Have fun!

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Watch Google Sphere in action on the video below :

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