Running Slow, Running Hot: Computer Fixes Anyone Can Do

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There’s nothing worse than using a computer that’s just not working correctly: slow loading speeds, programs that seem to bog down the machine and annoying error messages will ruin your experience and make you want to throw the computer through a window.

The good news is that there are some things you can do yourself to fix these common performance problems, even if you really don’t know anything about computers. Oftentimes, these problems are caused by small things that you can work on right in your own home, forgoing the need to send your computer away for repair or scheduling an IT company for a house call.

Here are a few of the simple things that you may be able to do yourself that will fix your computer’s annoying performance problems.

1. Slow Operations

Perhaps the most common complaint with any computer is that it just runs soooo slow. Even opening your web browser can take minutes on a computer that’s bogged down. IF this is a problem for you, that’s not necessarily a bad thing: this is something you can probably resolve on your own.

Most of the time, when a computer is running slow it’s because you either have too many browser extensions or there is a pile of unused files that are taking up precious memory. Open your browser preferences and look through all of the extensions that you have enabled. Chances are, you don’t need most of them and you can delete them. If you aren’t sure what an extension does, take a few minutes to research it and see if you need it.

You can also look at your hard drive and delete any files that you no longer need. This can be a little trickier since you have the potential of deleting files the computer needs to run, so make sure you do a little research first.

2. Your Computer’s Running Hot

Another common problem is that your computer may be running hot. The cooler a computer is, the more efficiently it runs, so if your computer is overheating, it can cause performance problems.

While the problem could be a virus or a hardware problem, it’s probably more likely that there are programs that are using up too much power and are making the computer run hot. Whether you use a Mac or a PC, there are steps you can take to find the culprit programs and close them. Here are easy instructions for both.

If the problem is mechanical, such as a bad fan, you can find any tools you may need at websites like RS Components.

3. Pop Up Ads

Pop-ups can really ruin the performance of your computer while you’re online, so you want to make sure to block them whenever you can.

Go to the settings of your browser and there will be an option to turning on the ad blocker. If you choose yes, then you will block pop-up ads, but you may be locked out of some sites that force you to accept pop-ups in order to read their content. That choice is up to you.

[Image credit: Sean MacEntee, flickr]

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