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5 Software Tools You Can Use to Create Your Own Games

All the gamers and non gamers out there who love the idea of creating a game feel quite at loss because of lack of information. There are so many ideas that keep floating around which could have

How to Classify Your Music With The Touch of A Button

Over time, as your love for music expands to different areas and you get them from different sources, you’ll eventually find yourself with a huge music library collection. And just like any other kind of library, it

Review of PDF Converter Pro for Windows

Have you ever faced difficulties in obtaining PDF copies of your Word and Excel documents? Are you looking for something that lets you create your own PDF documents? Do you still get entangled in converting those Word

Make Life Easier with Appointment Setting Software

Scheduling appointments is probably one of the aspects of a business that takes up a large amount of time. If you are not hiring someone to do it for you – you are probably doing it yourself.

FastStone Photo Resizer: An Impressive Image Resizer

When images of larger file size are uploaded in the internet, the web page takes lot of time to load. This is a matter of great concern for the users, who have a slow connection. When there

How to Download Video With No Software Installation

Okay, I am a huge fan of crime series, and I love watching their repeats whenever I can. Sadly I cannot do it on T.V. all the time but YouTube has it. Apart from that, there are

Merge Your Media Rich Files Into One Document

Anything that makes us more organized and productive is a good thing, right? When it comes to organizing electronic files or data things can get very cluttered very quickly. This can lead to confusion and loss of

Editing Software vs Photo Contests ? 5 Steps Towards A Healthier Competition

Kodak. Polaroid. Nikon. All names of great cameras from decades past that have enabled the budding professional photographer to produce memories that we can cherish for life. Yet it turned out to be only a matter of

My Love and Hate Relationship with Windows 8

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s biggest makeover since Windows 95. Well sort of. It still has much of its predecessor, icon-and-mouse user interface, but it also has the innovative graphic UI from tablets and Windows phones. Am I

Better Computer Screen Lighting with f.lux

Found this program called f.lux from a fellow blogger friend’s blog. This program can help computer users reduce eye strain during night time and allow a user to sleep better after computer usage. I’ve downloaded f.lux immediately

How to export emails and attachments from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook

Emails and attachments constitute a major chunk of any email account. Lotus Notes is a collaborative program for email messaging, email storage and other activities. Emails and attachments in a Lotus Notes mailbox are stored in different